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AuthorTopic: OMG HI ALLZZZ!!!
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Written By Stughalf in a previous topic:

It's because the mods haven't yet noticed it, Squirrel. Once they do, the thread is as good as dead.

And as such:

The Egyptian man in the picture is quite sexy. I want his toga/armor looking thing.

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We didn't start the fire...

oh wai

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Originally written by One time I died.:

The Egyptian man in the picture is quite sexy. I want his toga/armor looking thing.
He's not Egyptian, he's George Harrison. Albeit, heavily altered.

But yes, he is dead sexy.


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It's not so bad that you didn't recognize the image (which happens to be Beatles gospel, btw), but that man is clearly not Egyptian nor Arabic in any way, and the images on his body are obviously not from any form of clothing, so wtf togas. With that said, I LOVE YOU RINGO FATHER MY CHILDREN

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w00t, mushroom trip.

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Imagine all the people...

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Imagine all the people...
tl dr
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My locked topic collection is reaching a satisfying size again. Good job, spammers!

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