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AuthorTopic: Rocks
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You can collect rocks. Why? What are they for?
They have no mentioned abilities, and they don't
seem to be of use during combat.
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They're just.. rocks. You know, you pick them up from ground and admire them, just like in real life. The garbage isn't good for anything else either. They're just items for atmosphere. Ignore them. :\

EDIT: Well, except for that one rock which you need to open the doors to.. Shaper Crypt, was it? I forget the names. Someone enlighten us on that part.

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So many strange ones around. Don't you think?
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Well, ... I was just wondering. You can conjure
a rock with the cheat codes, ... so I thought that
there must be something important about them.
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a crescent rock in the shaper crypt is needed later to get near one of the shapers, I think. (Or perhaps that annoying temple...)

The rocks do come in handy in Geneforge 3 :)
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Aye, you get them by killing the Witch or the Crescent Thahd in the Wastelands...

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