And the students belt...

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AuthorTopic: And the students belt...
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Thankyou Zeviz and Bane of Irony. What does damage +1 mean?
A measly 1 damage?
Or perhaps something greater, more sinister...
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it means a +1 die damage, almost as if having an extra 1 melee/ranged/whatever when calculating damage. (If you are using swords, this probably means +1-7)

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My guess is that it gives same benefit as +1 Strength or +1 Melee Weapons skill for damage calculations. I am not sure what that benefit translates into as far as actual numeric damage is conserned. That probably depends on your level, your target's armor, etc.

EDIT: Looks like The1Kobra posted while I was typing.

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Again, this may just be my D&D experiences talking again, but it could simply harm more creatures with defence more. Such as in D&D some creatures have Damage Reduction say... 20/+1, meaning that unless your using a weapon enchanted with +1 or greater, it automaticaly negates 20 from the attack. Just a suggestion.

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So in any case, it's a greater advantage than I thought.
Thanks for the helpful replys.
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