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this is how much ppl like the war on Iraq:
click here, and cry your eyes out.

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*sob* Why, God, why do you make people so stupid? *sob*

Tell me, Amon-Ra, why do you think people would cry over that? That doesn't make sense to me, unless you like Saddam and his regime. Even some people who opposed the war want/ed those people in custody...

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I think Amon's point is that it's unsettling how lightly people can take something as serious as a war, and how much that attitude is manifesting itself here in the U.S.

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I hoped ppl would cry at how much other ppl try to make money on the stupidity of others. Iraq is not a place I like, If it was my way most of them would die and I would have the oil, but thats another story. I miss spoke, I hoped ppl would cry of stupidity, not of care for Iraq. Sorry for the mistake I'll try to better expalin my position next time.

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Yeah. The last time people took war this lightly, it was German society doing it, and it started both world wars.

I'm glad to see that your lack of respect for human life before that for a nation's aims has driven you to see any attack on people's attitudes about war as an attack on America, though. Good for you.

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just be glad that they haven't made George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Kim Jong-Il (sp?) action figures yet... *shudder*

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There's a complimentary set now, with "great leaders and military heros" or something. Bush's Ace of course. Now *that* makes me want to cry for the stupidity of it. And of Bush.

EDIT: I seem to have taken so long for posting that there were four responses before mine that I hadn't seen. About the Germany comparison: There are a lot of other things that I see now on television or hear on the radio, which remind me of things I have read about WW2 (I'm from Germany, btw). For example flags in churches. If there was something like that going on in Germany, it would cause an uproar, simply because of the history my country has. And recently, I've seen jokes about Bush and Rumsfeld, which have already been told about Hitler during WW2. It's not really appropiate to make such comparisons however. I don't really think that Bush will be another dictator. He's only stupid.

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I think that Americans are way too patriotic. Im not saying that it's bad to be patriotic, it is actually very good but Americans are way too patriotic. That is why they take this sort of thing so lightly. They think that it is such a miniscule thing that they can just breeze it by.

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Beyond the realms of gimmckry and spin-off marketing, I thought they issued the playing cards because the troops couldn't pronounce the names of those they were pursuing nor bother to find out how. You know, like they're that conversant with the culture they're subjugating....

BTW, I heard this morning on the BBC that even Rumsfeld is trying to explain away the lack of Iraqi WoMD by saying they were destroyed before the invasion. About 12 years before, when the student paper that provided the basis for Colin Powell's acclaimed intelligence assessment to the UN was written, perhaps...?

Additional BTW re. another thread: The 'Iraqi gold' documents supposedly from the Iraqi Ministry of Information toted around by the 'Telegraph' and 'Christian Science Monitor' in an attempt to discredit George Galloway have now been examined by experts (inc. one ex-MI6 operative) and have been ajudged "crude forgeries" - just like those submitted to the Un about Iraqi acquisition of African yellowcake.

Anyone noticed how many high Iraqi officials now are surnamed al-Tekriti? So much for 'regime change'. I'm fussing about this now as Rumsfeld is pulling the same bogus intelligence stunt v. Iran as he did v. Iraq, mainly because he doesn't want Shia rule in the newly-conquered territories. As previously predicted, US troops are already shooting those that cheered them (or at least their statue demolition efforts) scant months before as 'rioters' because they were demonstrating for majority / theocratic rule.
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If you want the truth, this is a much better deck of cards to play with:

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