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AuthorTopic: Titles
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Hey, I noticed something strange just now. I noticed some people have titles that arent shown in the FAQ, such as Boe Posse, and Canned. How did they get these titles? Just curious.

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BoE Posse is for scenario designers who are good and are not responsible for Echoes. Canned is for spammers- not a good title to have, though I'd suggest making the title more humiliating. Others (such as my own or Scorp's) are given to prominent members who often change their names.

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There are other titles too, that were given for various achievements. Further details might rot your brain.

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Canned was originally supposed to go with an avatar, but meh.

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Back when avatars were enabled, Drakey would give certain people an avatar being a can of spam. Thus, the title.

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For example, for winning a contest, Djur gained the title Babelicious.
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Is that thread still around? What's it called?

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The contest is long gone. It was a translation of something from Novah, the vahnatai language, to English, using Drakey's handy Novah Lexicon.

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As the title suggest, the text to be translated was the Tower of Babel story from Judeo-Christian scripture.

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