New Engine for A1-3

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AuthorTopic: New Engine for A1-3
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Hi. I'm new to the boards, but have been playing Spiderweb's games for a little over a year. I have played all Genoforge games, and Avernum 4 & 5 about 3-4 times each now. While I still get a kick out of playing these games, with different scenarios and such. I would like to give Avernum 1-3 a go. I've downloaded the demo's but just can't seem to get used to the old engin's style of movement, since starting out with G-1 and progressing up from there.

Did I hear that Spiderweb was releasing some of it's older games with the new A4-5 type engines? If so, does anyone know when? I would definitely like to play the updated versions.

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It is a good bet that Jeff will eventually update Avernum 1,2 and 3 to a new engine, but it likely won't be for some time to come. My guess is that he will finish G5 (the final game in the series) and A6 (the final game in the second Avernum trilogy) before updating A1-3.

In terms of timing, Jeff takes about 1 year to make a new game, so the updates, if they happen, probably are 2 years away or so. The good news is the engine will be more polished by then, so the update will feel even more fresh.

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He will. However, first comes G5, A6, and the legendary Something Else™ that has been circulating in lore.

However, sometime after that, maybe before Something Else™, he will update them to a more second trilogy feel.

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It depends upon whether Jeff goes the Nethergate: Resurrection way and release updated A1-3 in between A6 and the new gaming world or continues with his normal schedule. I think he will want to finish A6 and get all the changes out of the way since this will be the game engine.
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Nethergate, would be cool.. I'm just now so addicted to playing these spiderweb games,, I just can't seem to get enough... I mean $25-30 bucks here, and there is worth the adventure.

Anyway, thanks for all the replys.. If Jeff makes em', I'll buy em'....
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I'm dreading the remakes of A1-3 since it probably signals that all multi-attack spells (such as Arcane Blow) will become their new AoE format.

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