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I got this email today from one of my professors here at that U. It seem that shorthand writing has rubbed off on the administration. Look out it might b u next. ;)

Hi everyone,
hope u are having a gr8 weekend. We are not doing Expt. 10, thats Electric current this week. Instead, we are doing the next expt. 11, Ohm's law. Please come prepared for that lab.

c ya on Tuesday,

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I basically discovered text messages in the last two weeks, on a 2-family vacation with my brother and his gang. None of us had ever found any use before for a medium between e-mail and cell phone calls, but with three cell phones, four adults, and five small kids all in a foreign country, there were a lot of short messages that had to be conveyed quickly. It was remarkable how fast we adopted texting.

With our particular phones there was little sense in abbreviations. My brother had a tiny Blackberry keyboard, but our other two phones just had the usual 12 keys. Hitting 7 four times to make 's' was bad, but the optional 'T9' word recognition system was a bit better. With that, it was actually easier to generate 'are' than 'r', and 'can' than 'cn', etc. The disambiguation worked better with longer words, so it was actually faster to write a more bookish word with T9 than to bat out something shorter with multiple presses on number keys for each letter.

An interesting side effect of texting in our situation was that it made everything seem more efficient. Instead of phoning up and spending five expensive minutes politely trying to let the other person decide what food to buy, we would send a shopping list and get on with the job. The medium is the message, and there's a time to be terse.

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