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Hi there,

I would like to play some of the old-school RPGs on my Mac. But unfortunately, the first parts of the games don't run on a MacOS X (Leopard) - OS.

Is there a possibility to get them running?
If not, is there a page, where I can read the whole stories of the parts of the game I cannot play - so I know what happened befor the parts of the games I can play on my Mac.

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First off, welcome to Spiderweb. Leave your sanity at the door.

Second, it might depend on what games you're trying to play. Some of the old Spiderweb games (BoE) have gone open-source, and I believe they'll run on the newer Macs (admittedly I haven't tried it yet). Some of them have been updated by Jeff Vogel, so they will run on the newer ones. Leopard I'm not sure of, and on Tiger it's not remarkably smooth. I'd say best bet is to play them on an older machine, or to get the Classic environment running on your new one somehow. There are people here who know how to do that, I think.

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I think Avernum is my taste of classic Fantasy-RPG. I would start with the first part - if its running. But if not, I would like to read the story before beginning with Part 4. I think that obe is running with MacOS X.
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Avernum 1 and up all run in Leopard just fine. It's a shame you can't run Exile (Well, you can with various emulation solutions), but Avernum is actually a remake of Exile, so you get the same plot and setting. The original Nethergate will not work either, but Nethergate: Resurrection is a remake of that.

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