Stargate Episode Prisoners - Exile/Avernum Link?

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AuthorTopic: Stargate Episode Prisoners - Exile/Avernum Link?
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I've been watching my way through Stargate from the start and just hit episode 2x03 "Prisoners". I wonder if the writers of this had played Exile. The similarities are striking. People banished to an underground prison through a magic gate. Lack of real justice, no appeals, the justice body is judge, jury, and executioner. A team of 4 adventurers. I couldn't help but imagine SG-1 in Avernum/Exile.

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Obviously, if they played Exile, there would be six adventurers. ;)

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Stargate parties are a standard 4 person team. It came out 10 years ago as a TV series so you can figure it out yourself.

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Just for clarification, I only meant the writers for this specific episode. I've watched SG-1 since it's debut on Showtime in 97, but at the original time I watched this episode I didn't make any connection. Having recently over the past year been making my way back through the Avernum games I found this specific episode to have striking similarities to to the world of Exile/Avernum. Being that Exile was released before this episode of SG-1, I don't think it's inconceivable that perhaps there was some influence, though it's likely just a coincidence.

I've been following the Stargate MMO, with great interest, if pulled of right it could be a hella fun game to sink your teeth into. Probably will fall into the usual grind, rinse, repeat MMO structure.

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It's quite possible that Jeff's story itself could have been influenced by an old novel. However, being the man he is, I assume the tale is largely original. That a sci-fi (correct?) series produces a parody of an RPG isn't entirely out of question, but I'm leaning towards no, the reason being how you described the justice jury.

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