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I've a question.
If I order GF triology I get also a CD, but I have to pay shipping costs.
Is there a way to not get a CD? Can I mention it somewhere?
I mean, I haven't seen anywhere on the order page where I could do that.

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Try filling out in the comments field the registration codes that you have and your lack of desire for an actual CD. See how Jeff responds. Or, if you need to be more cautious about the $2-5 shipping cost, send Jeff an email first.

—Alorael, who recommends the CD anyway. You never know when you're going to need to reregister, and having the CD is fast and handy enough to be worth a few extra dollars.
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Shipping is only $2 and the CDs are real handy (no mucking with requesting keys). And when you buy the trilogy the CDs are included so there's no extra cost incurred there either.

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