What will happen to Spiderweb Software?

AuthorTopic: What will happen to Spiderweb Software?
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Well, what will happen when Jeff Vogel eventually passes away? Will the company shut down? Or will it continue somehow?

These are some questions I have finally decided to share.

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Jeff will bequeath his empire 'to the strongest'.

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Most likely, it will cease to be. Vogel will retire, and the games will become updates of each other, and eventually he will die. The only chance I see that Spidweb will continue is a young, enthusiastic fan turned protige who knows code, or, more likely, being passed down along the family line.

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There can be only one?

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This topic is kind of morbid. Eventually Jeff will retire and no more games will be made. At such point it is time to move on. All things must go eventually, including this thread.

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