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Waiting to get a registration code after going as far as I can in the demo is tough! Oh, why did I wait to send in for it till Friday night?
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If you purchased the game via the internet, then you could have received a registration code immediately.

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Spiderweb only operates on business days. It even states when you pay that you'll get the registration code in one business day.

So, what game was it?

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Yes, it was online, but after work hours last night.
It's Avernum 5.. And I do this to myself everytime I try out a Spiderweb demo on a weekend. grr.

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You could always replay the demo with a new party and see if you can make it better. I always find that it takes a few tries to get used to the changes from the last game.
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That's a good idea.. I'll have to create unique characters this time.
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