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AuthorTopic: I'm back
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The poster formerly known as nija_halycron.
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It's quite handy to be able to see login names... helps me keep on top of who's who. Not to mention who was who the previous week. A lot easier than combing through threads and comparing member numbers to track someone's PDN progression.

On that note, everybody should just take a quick breath and stop posting for a bit. There have been a few personal attacks in this thread, and they can be construed as breaching the CoC. Thus, they are not nice. Also, posting threats in Novah are both 1) still threats, and 2) annoying to translate when determining if they're threats.

And Nija? My honest advice here. If you want to be known as something besides Nija, pick a name and stick with it for more than a week. Then people might be more inclined to call you by that, because they won't be confused a week later when it changes.

In conclusion, cool it, everyone. :cool:

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What I find is amusing is that Nija's account number is leetspeak for TSST!, which is the noise that the Dog Whisperer makes when dominating problem dogs.

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Drakefrye didn't include any words for "me" "will" "them" "they" etc. And altering a writers words without his permission is illegal. Anyway, I didn't want to annoy Draky by adding words to *cough*his*cough work.
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