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I know Exile 3 was made for Linux but considering the Linux community is simply 100's of hackers are their more Spiderweb Software games people have made into Linux?

I have Ubuntu if that is a factor.

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Originally written by Starman1985:

I know Exile 3 was made for Linux but considering the Linux community is simply 100's of hackers
That's an unfair generalization. Linux is a diverse community, from those capable of hacking to those who are just computer-savvy, to those who picked up the Linux for Dummies book.

That said, from what I've heard, many SW games run on Linux as is, WINE aside.

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From what I've heard, the Linux port of Exile 3 is basically just the Windows version with an old version of winelib tacked on to it anyway.

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There was something over in Blades of Exile about making a version for Linux to take advantage of the open source.
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The consensus seems to be that Exile 3 for Windows in WINE runs better than the official Spiderweb port for Linux. I have tried neither and don't know how they actually compare.

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