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AuthorTopic: My arms are starting to hurt!
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I have loved all of the games of spiderweb's I've played but I've also noticed I always have the same problem in each one. It's that I also want to gather up all the items that drop in the game, it also feels like a waste to me to go kill a whole settlement full of goblins and leave 75% of their swords and armor behind just because I don't have the room or strength to carry it all so I end up making multiple trips back to town and then back to to get more until I have most of it sold. I've just started playing Nethergate: Resurrection and it suddenly came to me that it'd be really nice if in the game you could purchase a wagon that you could take with you around the world map that would have a large weight and item limit too it so that that way you wouldn't have to waste time making multiple trips (which probably bothers me more in the sense that I'm wasting in game days instead of my actual real life time :) ).

One thing I always liked was the having your own base thing, which if I remember right you could buy a mansion in Exile 3 which was nice. I always save the more expensive "treasure" type items such as gold necklaces or silver mugs and that sort of thing and it bugs me to just toss them on the ground in whatever small room I'm given for my party to rest in. It'd be nice to have a nice area to drop things that was actually considered yours. I always thought it'd be fun if, once you were popular enough, you could recruit some npcs that would hang out in specific areas to guard it and make it yours. Like if you go in and kill everyone in a goblin settlement if you wanted you could call your npcs there and they'd set it up as a little base for you and make it feel like it's actually yours. Probably a lot more work than they'd want to do some something so unimportant though.
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I like the idea.

The Manse in E3 was a great idea on behalf of Spiderweb, it was the first "official" place you could store your equipment, besides in random taverns where the innkeeper promised to watch over it.

There were also ghosts. Everyone likes ghosts!

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In one of my all time favs, escape velocity nova, you could become military governor of a planet if you defeated all of it's forces. I've often wished that Geneforge had a feature like this. I just end up staking out 2-3 strategically placed maps and treating them like I'm the governor and keeping all of my stuff there. I don't really know how easy it is to do this in the other games. Geneforge is the only series I play.
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It's insanely easy to do something like that in all of Spiderweb's games--except maybe E1 & E2. No matter which game I play, I always set up a cache for stuff I don't need right away, but don't want to sell (especially if said items might be useful).

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Yeah that's pretty much what you have to do if you plan on saving things in the games, I mean all in all it works out pretty well your items typically won't disappear in most places so you can pick where ever you want. It's always more fun when in the game that is actually "your" place though. Even though I'm glad the item system hasn't changed much it really adds a lot to the game play to be able to kill a goblin and it's actually equipped with the items it was using to fight you which you can then take.
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Originally written by Toenail Returns:

There were also ghosts. Everyone likes ghosts!
Ephesos does not like ghosts. Read his sig.

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My sig has changed.

And ghosts? They make an acceptable plot device, and generally go above and beyond the normal role of undead. So in my book, they're okay.

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