How he does it.

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AuthorTopic: How he does it.
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I was just wondering. Does Jeff make all these games by himself from scratch or does he have a team. From what I gather he is solo but I'd like to know if I'm wrong. Thanks :D

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He pretty much makes them himself from scratch. Apparently his two assistants help with some of the town design in a very basic way, but that's about it.

Ah, here it is:
The Team
We're a charming little company in a basement in lovely Seattle, Washington. It's me and two employees. I handle the bulk of the design and coding. My employees handle the business and web end, and help me with doing the design.

Generally, how it works is I sketch out a dungeon or town or something on paper, and then hand that design to an assistant. It then gets sketched in the editor in a crude way before being handed back to me, and I do all the fiddly stuff - placing items and creatures, scripting special encounters and dialogue, and so on.

There was also Andrew Hunter, a freelance artist who does almost all of my icon work. He's fast, reliable, and good, and he's been helping me out for years and years. Professional comic and fantasy artist Phil Foglio does a bit of hilarious line art for me. But it's a pretty small project.
From the BoA Wrap Report.

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Of course, he uses the engine of earlier games in making his new ones, with minor modifications. This allows him to focus more on the actual storyline and less on the game's actual workings.

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In programming, it's much more efficient to use existing models when possible, rather than completely re-inventing the wheel with every single project.
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It's like ZUN for western RPGs... Crazy.

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