What attracted you here?

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AuthorTopic: What attracted you here?
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I'd tell you, but then Tyran would misquote me again.

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I got Exile 1, perhaps 11 years ago, and then a significant number of years later rediscovered it, and lurked here a bit, and then some years later again decided I wanted to post a bit. Probably had a question or something, don't quite remember. I'm drawn back, time after time, though still rather generous intervals, by the amusment I find in reading these boards. Posting on them is a bit less satisfactory, because it often requires some thought to be sensible. Now.. back to lurking I go.

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Alright, we've definitely done this before, because this:
Originally written by Jeff Vogel is an unsellable trowel.:

Veni vidi vici?
...is too familiar. Anyway, I think I remember getting here because I needed help in A3... and then I heard about BoA and excitedly lurked. Then, I set foot in General, and the rest is old news. :P

Originally written by Cryptozoology:

Originally written by Kelandon:

IIRC, the story that I usually tell is that I joined in anticipation of the release of BoA, wanting to get my foot in the door as one of the first designers from the very beginning.
Some of us who know the real reason are still around, you know.


I'm thankful I don't know the real reason, though I can hazard guesses. :P

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It sounds familiar because I said it before less than a week ago in a very similar topic.

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I would certainly hope that 'Veni, Vidi, Vici' would be a familiar phrase.

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The very first Exile game. I've been playing since the beginning. I thought it was a fascinating game(though to be honest, I was 12 and sucked at the game).

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