We've lost our Sarchasm...

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AuthorTopic: We've lost our Sarchasm...
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Originally written by Student of Trinity:

The only real units are Planck's.
I prefer moles, but to each his own.

Originally written by Tyranicus:

To stalking!
Dirty spammer.

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Originally written by Kelandon:

Measure one's property in square stades.
Hey, what about rods and chains? An acre is based off the chain, what did the stade ever produce?

BTW, that was called leading the witness. ;)
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Originally written by Kelandon:

Originally written by Sirrus:

for clarity [...] I'm 8 stones and about 4 ounces.
Very clear now. :P

(Sorry. I just can't resist poking fun at you non-metric users.)

Even for non-metric users, "stones" is a bit arcane. May as well give one's height in cubits and one's annual income in terms of the purchase price of cows. Measure one's property in square stades. Give one's weight in drachmas. Crash rockets into Mars. :rolleyes:

Stones are perfectly normal units of measure in the UK, and also the reason for my first ever reply on Spiderweb. That was a very long time ago!

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Originally written by Andraste:

I prefer moles.
I eschew low remarks about furries. A mole is not a unit, but merely a number.

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