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AuthorTopic: Interesting Ad
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I just saw this ad, and I was wondering what other people thought of it.

This link is not dial-up friendly.

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I agree with the message that the media is creating an unfair ideal of body image for young, impressionable women. The whole sequence seems too excessive for me to believe in its sincerity though. It's an interesting commerical nonetheless and I hope to see it on TV if possible.

Also, has anyone here ever had any first hand experience with the type of glamour make-up and preparation done for photoshoots like that? A real inside perspective on the industry would be helpful.

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I think that woman was pretty good-looking even beforehand.

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*sigh*... anybody mind summing it up for me, since YouTube hates me tonight?

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Men are subject to this too. Insecurity sells. But, to be honest, at least here in America, I think a lot of us could stand to lose a few pounds.

A woman walks into a studio, sits down, a bunch of lights flicker on over her face, and her wrinkles, blemishes, etc. are slowly removed by makeup. Eventually she has so much make up on she looks like an oil painting. After some pictures are taken, they're opened up in photoshop and distorted to make the woman look like an anime character sprung to life. The picture is then placed on a billboard, advertising makeup.

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Originally written by Andraste:

This link is not dial-up friendly.
Bless you, my son.

And for the rest of you quickie connection people, I give you a link to some fabulous ring-tones. My sweetie clued me into this site, and 25 minutes later I saw it.

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I'm not a guy.

Yea, I thought that she looked nice before, but look what a little photoshopping can do! You too can have your face and neck streached out into a false image of beauty.

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Booyah! Thank-you photoshop.

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If there is one institution in the history of mankind that appreciates Tullegolite philosophy it's modern American commercialism. They tell people what to think and the weak just eat it up. Those that pull the strings, telling what to look like and how to act are the most powerful people on earth. It is a god damned work of art. Almost makes me regret that I chose to major in politics.

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I actually knew that models and pictures were falsified, so that didn't surprise me at all. (In fact, a lot of models in television commercials look unnatural to me.) I kind of wish the video was longer, though. The transformation happened so fast it was hard to see what was actually happening to her.

Originally by Tyranicus:

I think that woman was pretty good-looking even beforehand.
If only she could smile.

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