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Originally written by Emperor Tullegolar:

Ali/Foreman: Some kind of inside joke I'm missing?
There was no conspiracy, and the joke was not inside. 2bit clearly just didn't get the joke.

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Originally written by Kelandon:

The image indicates that there's a time-lapse movie associated with it, a movie of 24 hours. He was asking if you went to the store during the 24 hours that it was filmed.

I'm guessing no.

Now I see it, thanks. It's funny how I stared at that picture for a good 2 minutes and didn't see that sign. Anyways, I don't think I'm in the film. Yet, you are more than welcome to watch it and check
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There was no conspiracy, and the joke was not inside. 2bit clearly just didn't get the joke.

The posting of Foreman's picture has absolutely nothing to do with the why of the posting of Ali's picture.

It is only relevant in that the two were once rather famously connected together in the boxing world.

Think of them as separate incidents, both connected to each other but not both to the original source material.

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