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AuthorTopic: Linux anybody?
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Hey all this is my first post so be kind.

Anyway this mainly goes out to the SpiderWeb devs.

What are you thoughts on a Linux port. I see that Exile 3 got ported and I think that is great but I would really like to see some Avernum and Geneforge on my nix box. I tried nethack and other rehashes of the same thing but they are nothing compared to Avernum. I want to get back to the underworld :D

I have tried running Avernum 4 under Cedega (Windows game emulation app) and it kind of works. Everything seems ok but the interface is painfully slow at times. I really think this is the kind of game that people in the Linux comunity would like.

Sorry I am rambling. So to sum things up what do you think about a Linux port for maybe the next batch of games or the one after that? Also if there are any other Linux users out there that want to back me up then thats good too ;)

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I have it on good authority Exile 3 runs a lot better in WinE than it does in the port. Same ought to go for the other games.
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There is a reason one can boot multiple OSes on the same machine. I use Linux fairly requently, but when I want to play a game, I always boot into Windows.

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To the Exile 3 port comment that is a shame that it works better in Wine. Doesn't help my cause that really ;)

For dual booting I don't really want to. I really don't like Windows as an OS and would really like to be able to play my games in the OS of my choice.

Avernum won't run in Wine currently. I suppose it relys heavily on DirectX which would make the devs not want to try porting.

Hopefully someone shares my views. If I had the skills I would offer them but I am afraid I don't.

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I found the Exile III port worked beautifully under Redhat 6.2 but was dreadful under all later linux distros.

As Tyranicus says, dual boot is the way to go.

Edit: Tyro changed his pdn!

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I agree with ironfirstchamp: it would be nice to have more Linux/Unix ports. I mostly use Unix (Solaris) but we are going over to OES (SuSE) for our servers. I also have Windows because about 95% of our users have it, so I must know what they are talking about when someone phones me to say that his "internet" is not working. (He usually means that he has lost his Samba connection to my server so that he cannot edit his pages.)

I would actually go further than ironfirstchamp and say that it would be nice if we could have more good Windows ports! Avernum 1 has an annoying bug in the navigation and Avernum 4 has two:

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It may prove a good idea to send Jeff an email about this. That way you are sure he gets to see it. However, I doubt he will agree and make the ports (he may agree of course, but money-wise, it probably wouldn't make a lot of cash, and therefor not really worthwhile).

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I've used Wine once before (working with Knoppix for a week when my NT desktop went down), and it didn't look that grand but it could run ADOM without any problem (then again, ADOM isn't demanding in its system requirements).

So, does anyone know how well SW games work with Wine? Alec said that "Exile 3 runs a lot better in WinE than it does in the port", but does that imply it runs well in WinE, or that the Linux port is atrocious?

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I will test the other Avernum games in Wine and Cedega to see what happens. I am sure that if the source was available then someone would jump at the chance to port it. I understand thats not going to happen but hey I can dream can't I? ;)
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Ah yes, Linux ports would be nice. Seeing as I don't want to have anything to do with the Windows OS. Don't like it. Long story there, but back to the topic at hand.
So yes, I would enjoy seeing a Linux port of Avernum or Geneforge. Emulation seems to be the only option right now...

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Wow I am glad that there are some people who agree with me. A rare occurance I assure you :eek:
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