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AuthorTopic: Are You A Gay
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This topic is obviously about sexuality. Get cracking.

(Also, N - but I'm not married to that.)
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Don't go there, girlfriend.

EDIT: You know, this was probably meant to be serious. I'll indulge SpidWeb.

It's possible that someone might be gay, but not consider themselves a gay, i.e. part of the gay community. And then there's a possibility that someone might consider themselves a part of the gay community, but not a gay.

However you like it, N.

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Originally written by Kelandon
Well, I'm at least pretty

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I am rather happy, now that you mention it.

Not homosexual, though.

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This deserves a serious reply.

Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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Originally written by Spoilt Salmon:

This deserves a serious reply.
Well, to go into more detail: it was once said (I believe by Freud) that people are bisexual by default. I tend to subscribe to that, although I honestly can't think of any time at which I've been genuinely sexually attracted to the same sex.

Also, I know SW has homosexuals. Why aren't they posting here? :(
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:confused: :confused: Wasn't this thread locked? As to my sexuality, I agree with Alec on this one.

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I neither locked nor re-opened this thread, and I don't know the reason for either of those decisions. It might become flamebait if Ben or RealityCorp bite. It also sounds a bit arbitrary, unlike the last discussions on this. I'll wait and see.

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*argues for a long time*


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Originally written by Sturg:

*argues for a long time*
*argues back*

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