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Originally written by Tyranicus:

That's why I just use DOSBox. It emulates an old SoundBlaster.
Ok...¬¬ I use Dosbox too but I can't setup the sound for IW, anyone knows how to discover the Dma Irq and such thing??
Oh wait I found the values in a Dosbox readme file!!
But now the game runs SLOOOOOOW!!!

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Ctrl+F12 increases the emulated CPU speed. You might want to try that.

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I believe you could you increase the speed by skipping frames as well. Use Ctrl-F8 to increase.

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You also, need a fast comuputer to run dosbox decently.Having the newest version of dosbox helps, Chicho is yours v.65 or you using the older v.63?

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And good thing!! you know that is Chicho and not Chico...
And gee it worked!! Thanks!!
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