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AuthorTopic: Favorite Musical
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Originally written by Sprong:

although I heard that The Lion King was great.
It really was great. So much better than the Disney movie. The costumes and the stage were truly fantastic; actually, the stage was just unbelievable. And even the acting and the song were pretty good. Thus is pretty obvious that it's my favorite.
I truly enjoyed the "Afro-Brazilian show" though, it was pretty amazing.

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I can't stand Sondheim. My roommate is a Theatre major and I hear it way too much. All he does is overlap monotone dialogue and call it music. This is an exageration, of course, but the music has no meat to it. Other musicals that greatly bother me are Falsettos and A New Brain. And a million mor I can't think of. As for what I like, it depends on my mood. Avenue Q is great, as is Rent. Spamalot is hysterical. I like some of Jason Robert Brown's work, especially Parade. Weber has a place close to my heart, since I grew up with his music, especially Phantom and Jesus Christ. Les Miserables is another longtime favorite of mine. The only show I've seen on Broadway was Movin' Out, which is more of a musical review than a musical. I'm rambling here, but only because I have a lot of opinions on this subject.

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Les Misérables, and the Essgee S&G trilogy(Pirates of Penzance, Mikado, HMS Pinafore).

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What about their red-headed stepchild, Ruddigore, or their many other Savoy Operas?

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If we're including Opera, then I have to throw in The Marriage of Figaro. Mozart is good times.
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