A Chuck Norris Thread.

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AuthorTopic: A Chuck Norris Thread.
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For all of you Chuck Norris fanboys out there, I present the following.

Discuss wether this is actually fact, or just fiction.

I am an idiot.
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Originally written by Yours Sincerely, The Boogyman.:

For all of you Chuck Norris fanboys out there, I present the following.

Discuss wether this is actually fact, or just fiction.

This is not news to anyone.

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Cuck Norris is getting really old now. You should check out Toby Jaa. The only movie he's been in is Ong Bak, and he's done every stunt without wires and he's sideflipping and done things you can't even dream about.

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Chuck Norris = Really really really lame.

Seriously, I thought the whole fad died off months ago, but obviously there's still nukes required.
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No one here can imagine how many blogs of Chuck Norris we have here in Italy.

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Hey, I know Bill Brasky!
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and in Japan they are famous for loving that guy from Baywatch and Knight Rider. Thank God I have forgotten who he is.

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My awesomeness makes Chuck Norris cry. Then again, he's a noob anyway. :P

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If Chuck Norris is so great, why do I see him on Total Fitness infomercials?

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Chuck Norris Fact #358583: Chuck Norris once kicked a topic so hard that the entire forum got locked.

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