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AuthorTopic: Finland > Eurovision!
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I think you've missed the point of Eurovision. It's not about who can make the best song, it's about who can make the song that sucks the least. This year it was Finland - try to imagine what the other contestants were like.
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Ash Lael:
I thought they were genuinely enchanting. :(
My biggest problem was that the woman was out of tune for at least half the song. My second biggest problem is that the song was, objectively, rubbish. ;) But hey, I liked Denmark...

Finland, your song was played on CBC radio (cdn national radio) and an overwhelming response to this eurotrash was play something else please. We in Canada have no taste, eh.
I think their victory came mostly from the fact that nobody ever plays rock songs at Eurovision. Nice to see something different for a change.

I'm just waiting for all the rock entries from the other countries next year!
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Is Eurovision a dressed up European version of MTV or something? I keep hearing about it and I still know nothing about it.

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Wow, would you look at that: wikipedia is your friend.

Running since 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest is an annual televised song contest with participants from numerous countries whose national television broadcasters are members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The Contest is broadcast on television and radio throughout Europe, in selected countries around the world, and on the Internet. It is one of the world's largest music competitions.
Basically it's a collection of cheesy, practically identical disco-pop songs from countries all over Europe + Israel.
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Originally written by Ash Lael:

Germany doing a country and western song took me by suprise.

I thought France's entry was the best by far, but then they only got 5 points. Do I have no taste in music at all? :(

Yes, I really liked our song ('t was the best for years), but Lordi war great and it was very right that they won.

But only place 15 for germany - that wasn't to fair. The song was good and very well done *sigh*

The french song was OK but the singer missed some notes. Well - most of them.
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