May I come back?

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AuthorTopic: May I come back?
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Guys, I just want to be your friend again. I didn't even mean to start a new account. I just wanted to come back, and this time I thought I'd start off fresh. I'm sorry this was a break of the CoC, but I didn't see it.
Guy, I'm not going to say sorry. I'm just going to admit to what I did:
-I lie about everything, anything I said before this was a lie
-I have used msn to bully my friends from spidweb. Thats why they block me
-I write desprete topics becasue I seek attention
-And when I do out-burst, I really can't control it
Guys, I love spidweb. It hurts me to know I'm not even wanted here anymore. I love BoE, and I love all the scenarios from the BoE scenario CD. Guys, I'm gonna do the right thing, I'm gonna leave. I understand its all you lot want, and I feel like an idiot for carrying on.
I am still working on my BoE scenario, and I hope a lot of you can play it when I release it.
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You call this topic "May I come back?", which gave me the idea that you want to come back to the forum (again), but you're telling us that you're leaving right?

It doesn't make sense, but that's not a real big supprise. I'm not gonna be the überkind person like I was in your last leaving topic, 'cause I got a terrible headache.

Most people were right about you getting back in a week. Most people were right about you lying. Thralni, a friend of mine, was right about you bullying people on MSN. So my opinion about you and your behavior has changed. I first felt sorry for you, because it seemed like the Spidweb forum was against you. But they had some sort of a point. You lied, bullied, spammed, deceived. You got banned for a good reason.

This post might supprise you, but I guess I tried to much to be nice, too nice perhaps and accepting to much.

But after all this said;

Goodbye, good luck in life and take care of yourself. Peace out.

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Moderators... lock topic.

Please? My head hurts.

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:confused: :rolleyes: :mad: :o :D :P ;) :cool:

In before lock.

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I gather from this topic's existence that Ed got banned, which means that I missed something. I have certainly seen enough spam and flaming on his part to suppose it was justified, but I wonder what the last straw was?

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I said my piece on the other topic. Ed, no, you may not come back. That's what being banned means.

Lazarus, if you really want to know, check out some of the other locked topics.
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Ed -- You were banned in violation of the rules of this forum. Evading a ban is an extremely serious violation and has eliminated ANY chance of your return in the future. I have received too many complaints on you, and you obviously cannot be trusted to obey the rules. Goodbye.

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