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AuthorTopic: Matchmaker, Matchmaker
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I hate to hijack this current line of conversation, but I just thought of a good pair after Jadewolf posted this line in the Geneforge forum:

Cryoas are cute, though.
Jadewolf and Tesability Black.

Their children will be cute cryoa plushies.


Edit: Fixed typo.

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Originally written by Slartucker:

Nah, you're a happy newb, sherbie. :)
I am glad u observed!!! :)

coco puffs and techno pop... sounds like a party.

Bé, daru, sa kai kasé!
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Originally written by Jewels:

Besides, me and Saunders already have plans.
*wipes off mouth*

I dinnent mean it. I'm sho shorrey schweetums. I luf yer grashefully brutal many tentacled schelf. We'll work schumthin out, schweetums. Promisch.

*collapses to floor*

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*emerges from plumping the cushions in the bunker*
You mean for improving the sanitary facilities in here... about time too!

And to Drake, yes and yes, respectively.

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