"expand their horizons?"

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AuthorTopic: "expand their horizons?"
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I was wondering, what if spiderweb were to work on a game that wasn't strictly a 16 bit rpg. Maybe they could create some kind of online game, or just play around with some other genres. Just thinking... post your thoughts!

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Y'know, "16 bit RPG" really doesn't apply here. The PC architecture that all of Spidweb's latest games are designed for is 32 bits. :P
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Surprise me you do, Imban. Reply to an endlessly used and reused topic, you do. Yet lock it, you do not?

Apologies for the Yoda thing. I use tired gimmicks whenever I'm half asleep.

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If I had a penny...

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...you'd probably have about 25 cents. :P
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He'd have one cent, actually. That's the value of a penny. Now if he had a penny for every time this topic came up...

Jeff Vogel once touched on this very subject in an interview. His perspective was that it would be fun and interesting to step out of the RPG niche, but it would also be stepping into the territory of unfamiliar design, unfamiliar programming, and a search for a new market. Spiderweb follows the path of least resistance for most sales, and that's RPGs.

He mentioned the online games very, very recently in a thread here. In a word, no.

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This had been mentioned before and as was once said they costs of maintaining a server are tremendous.Plus the type of games Jeff makes aren't suitable for online gameplay and he will never do it differently.

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I was lazy and was just getting you guys to explain it for me.
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