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AuthorTopic: Those cartoons...
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The best Jewish jokes I've ever heard — in fact, the only Jewish jokes I've ever heard, come to think of it — were told by Jews.

Arancaytar: Every time you ask people to compare TM and Kel, you endanger the poor, fluffy kittens.
Smoo: Get ready to face the walls!
Ephesos: In conclusion, yarr.

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Oh man, that's awesome.

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I've always been proud of Judaism's stock of Jewish jokes. The best ones I've ever heard were delivered during a service by the rabbi.

On the other hand, most of the Jewish jokes that are actually funny have very little to do with Jewish religion and everything to do with Jewish culture. That's a fine line, but it's one worth noting.

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What did they say to the black jew?

"Get to the back of the oven!"

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I don't see why non-Muslims should be bound by Muslim religious superstitions. The cartoons were just an excuse for mobs of losers in search of something to do. For example, Christians in Lebanon were also attacked, although they hardly could be held responsible for the actions of a Danish newspaper.
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We should all ask ourselves: How does this effect me?

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Originally written by Kaemin:

We should all ask ourselves: How does this effect me?
With globalization as it is now, it definitely does affect everyone. For example, to get quite an accurate seismograph of the instabilities in the Middle East, you need to look no further than the gas prices...

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