Vahnatai RP - The Infested Chambers

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AuthorTopic: Vahnatai RP - The Infested Chambers
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Two centuries have passed since the Avernites first established contact with Vahnatai-kind.

Very few humans exist in the underworld, now, and if they do, only congregating in the levels they first arrived in, or on the levels close to the surface. The Nephilim, too, linger close to the surface, though remain persecuted as untamed savage animals in the eyes of the dominant human races. The serpentine Slithzerakai slip deeper into the subterranean caves, carving an existence for themselves among the volcanic regions of caves.

And the long-lived tribes of the Vahnatai, creator of all three races, continue to live in peaceful co-existence underground, amid the predatory hydras and chitrachs that still thrive even now.

Two centuries gone, and the Vahnatai, seeing that resources are becoming more scarce with the overpopulation of their murderous foes, are planning an official cull of both chitrachs and hydras, so that they might not disturb their planned Rest. The cull has, so far, been succesful, with groups of Vahnatai spell-casters and warriors pushing the races far into deeper areas where they might not return. At their settlements, non-titled Vahnatai store supplies and rebuild vacant Resting chambers, preparing for another period of hibernation for their race.

One distant settlement, however, has not been succesful. To the Lower East caves, the Vahnatai of the village Malrash find themselves plagued by an uprising of chitrachs, emerging from the damaged ruins of old Resting Chambers, disused for centuries. A party made up of various Te and Ka, led by the known warrior, the exotically dressed Azrumdor-Te, were sent there weeks ago to uproot the infestation and free the people of Malrash from the predatory menace.

For many sunless days, the Vahnatai of Malrash awaited their return, praying for their success. Until one day...


The three mayors of Malrash, gathered in the domed chambers of their palace, sent for the warrior Belash-Te, leader of one of the many Te formations patrolling their city's borders.

The warrior leader went to the center of the room, before the three seats of Malrash's governing body, and bowed to them courteously.

Fellim-Tel, the youngest mayor there, and the only female, was the first to speak.

"Belash-Te, leader of the Pit Lhan Sten Warriors, you have asked for our minds to hear you, and so we grant you audience. Speak what you may, that we might listen."

The warrior leader looked briefly up at the mayor who had addressed him, before bowing his head and bringing forth a brown satchel in front of him.

"Wise mayor, our party was scouting the north-east of Malrash's borders, when we were ambushed by chitrach. We slew many, and drove the rest back to their homes in the Old Resting Chambers. One of them carried this satchel, around their neck. I fear that what it contains means dire things for our people."

At this, the normally expressionless Viln-Tel, second mayor of Malrash, frowned and looked down at the satchel from his seat. "Bring it here," he said softly, and soon held the satchel in his own hands. It was a hefty-looking supplies pack, like one of the ones used by the party that went out to cull the nearby chitrach settlement. The outside was dusty and torn, like it had been dragged through the dirt, and a single blade handle protruded from the open pack.

Pulling free the sheathed weapon, Viln-Tel saw that it was a straight sword, of human design, and as he pulled the metal free of its scabbard, ancient runes spread across its blade like quickfire. Though not of Vahnatai origin, it was immensely powerful and sharp, and the complicated spells woven onto it could only have been made by exceptionally talented mages of the Empire.

Only one Vahnati could ever have wielded such an artifact. Viln-Tel sheathed the blade and brought it down on the podium before him, looking drawn and tired.

"So Azrumdor-Te is presumed to be no more," Viln-Tel said with finality, leaning back into his chair. "This is dire news indeed. We will have to send another group to investigate."

"But we of Malrash have no more warriors to spare," replied Fellim-Tel, turning her head to address him. "The Ka came from another tribe entirely, and Azrumdor-Te, of course, is irreplacable. How can we gather another force when we are so depleted?"

It was then that the brooding, silent Wise Speaker and fellow mayor of Malrash, old Wlestal-Ihrno, raised his voice to address them both.

"As again, we shall have to make do with those beyond our borders," he said with finality. "The Slithzeraki tribe to the south, for one, have long been our allies - we may send for them immediately. Alternatively, we may look to other settlements nearby. They may not be able to supply their own warriors, but there are plenty of exiles and drifters that make their way from place to place. Word will get around," he added with a small smile.

The two mayors agreed, and as the Belash-Te was dismissed, they talked among one-another, planning to send out messages to the Slithzeraki tribe and the outlying Vahnatai settlements for aid.

Word travels swiftly in those parts, and soon the call went out to all manner of places for aid in Malrash - warriors and spell-casters to clear out an overgrown chitrach infestation, promising rewards and prestige to the casteless Vahnatai eager to prove themselves, and recognition and forgiveness to the exiled. Soon, all manner of strange faces and people would find their way to Malrash, where they would be directed to stay in the Visitor's Quarters for word from the council of three at the mayor's palace.

After all, the deed was just, the rewards were plentfiul, and Malrash, though short on warriors, was by no means a settlement half-starved of riches. It would be good news for all adventurers in the caves of the Vahnatai.


OOC//Here's where we start! Players are allowed to make their characters as diverse as they desire, though it's recommended that they follow the basic guidelines of roleplaying conduct (ie no over-powered death-dealers, such and such) so as not to aggravate others. Vahnatai, casteless, exiled or no, are welcome, as are Slithzeraki from aforementioned tribe. Travelling Nephilim, though uncommon, are not altogether rare in those parts, and Humans are almost non-existant. With that out of the way, leave it to the imagination. Enjoy!//OOC

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Why not? Whenever this gets off the ground. :)

He heard the news from the mouth of a messenger.

The messenger was not speaking to him, of course; indeed, those large, luminous eyes gazed over him as if he did not exist. To the citizens of Avcho, and anyone else who passed through the village, he did not. The messenger spoke with excitement, with exuberant gestures and a loud, trilling whistle that was not often heard in the sedentary streets of Avcho. He spoke of trouble in Malrash, of a call for aid. He spoke of honour to be found, of great battles to be fought in the twisting caves beyond Malrash. He spoke of following the footsteps of one of the greatest warriors in the region.

The messenger spoke of many things, and Renvai heard it all.

And what he heard, most of all, was acceptance of the casteless and exiled alike.

Renvai shivered. It was not cold that caused him to do so; he had encountered few extremes of temperature in his time, but he drew his plain, dirty cloak around him nonetheless.

Once, half a lifetime ago, he had lived in the house of his aon-gek. Once he had received training, and knowledge, and all that he had desired. Once he had been destined to become Ka. But that was half a lifetime ago.

The desire was so strong his throat closed around it.

Renvai coughed, whistled, and turned his gaze towards Malrash. The village was far away, but Renvai knew all the land in the area, all the dangers and all the best places to shelter. The young, too-thin Vahnatai left Avcho without a backward glance.
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A scrawny figure wearing an opaque vest and a light green translucent cloak stepped forward, and extended an arm fluidly. A rather large fireball shot out of it and seared a nearby stalagmite. A swift spin and lash later, a lance of ice shot out as well, cracked into the stalagmite, and promptly shattered. The figure relaxed and turned around to face another.

"I have received information that Malrash is in need of help." the Vahnatai said.

With a smooth, yet firm voice, the figure responded. "That is good news. Malrash is but a short walk away. I should head there immediately."

"Yes, Ka-Jedhrai. I shall go home, then." the Vahnatai said.

Ka-Jedhrai made sure his cloak was secure, and then set out for Malrash. He managed to pass through the gate, despite the stares from the guards. He reminisced about the previous times he was here, back when he was more welcome. He shrugged off all of the stares. He was stopped more then a few times, but he got out of all of the messes. He rubbed his burnt and runed right arm as he wondered where to start.

OOC: Hmmm, it seems only an Ihrno, Bok, or a Tel use their title after their name.

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I might as well give this a try.


Murrrfr was a wanderer. As an albino nephil, he reasoned he must not be a member of his clan. He had decided he would never return to his species until he found others like him.

He had traveled the length and breadth of the underground tunnels never fully at home anywhere. Although he did odd jobs to keep him on his feet he preferred to disassociate himself from others.

When his travels brought him to the Vahnatai city of Malrash he barely noticed the inhabitants. The inhabitants, however, noticed him, a creature they had only read of. When he heard of the proclamation, he decided to make a quick bit of cash rather than continue on his private exile.

His interest was noted and he was invited to stay in the Visitors Quarters. (A bit cheesy, "Visitors Quarters," but not enough so to dissuade me from using it.)

Murrrfr is, as mentioned earlier, an albino nephil. Everything he knows he has picked up by himself.
He has had very little time to learn his mother tongue so he learned fragments from many languages with no interference and can communicate with most species that have a language.
His wandering has lent him much more stamina than other nephilim and surviving by himself taught him to be resourceful when, by anybody else's standards, there are no resources.
He dislikes armor, and prefers traveling light. His equipment consists of an ermine pelt cloak, a bone bow, a bleached leather quiver and bone-headed arrows with red fletching. His equipment has been magically treated to disregard all elemental factors.

EDIT: Apparently my writing is even worse at 23:00 than it is normally. :rolleyes:
@Thralni, that's why my char doesn't know nephilian, I didn't want to pervert your creation.

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OOC: this RP sounds interesting. i would like to join, although I already play in a RP. maybe, if I create a character now, can I join in later?

Anyhow, I'll play a Nephil, like Infernal. His name is Hirpirdihra: "Fruitfield." the only differences is that this Nephil just seperated from his clan. he does speak his mother tongue, and I will make sure you guys WILL see ancient Nephilian (temporary name) being spoken by him. He is about 1,50 meters and likes archery.


he slowly wandered off from his clan. he looked around. All the inhabitants of the small tribe already went back to their huts. he looked at the road in front of him, the fungus on the high ceiling. It all looked so intimidating for a Nephil like him.

he continued on his way. After he walked for about fifteen minutes, he saw some movement in the bushes next to the road. Two giant rats climed out of it and halted on the road. they didn't really notice him. He dicided to slowly walk to them, and shoot with his arrows.

he slowly, and very silently, walked to the rats. Aimed, and shot an arrow.

Direct hit. The other rat, however, didn't like to be killed and fled. At least he had some food for now. He sat down and made a fire, after which he put the rat on. While drips of cold ater fell from the cealing in the fire, the rat became more brown and delicious. As time past, the rat became smaller and his belly fuller. Soon he would continue, but he decided to first get some sleep.

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OOC: I see no reason why you can't! Arancaytar's also going to be a little busy till around february, so I'm just waiting for enough people to come in... roughly around six or seven would be good, I think. :)

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Is this gonna go anywhere or should I just scrap this char and wait for the next RP?

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