Looking for similar games.

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AuthorTopic: Looking for similar games.
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Interplay has been basically gone now for over a year, which is very sad because this means Fallout 3 and the expansion to Icewind Dale 2 will never be released.

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Icewind Dale 2 didn't really deserve an expansion, in my opinion. While I don't have Planescape: Torment on account of it being impossible to find, I've played all the other Infinity Engine games, and IWD2 was by far the weakest of them, especially with how lame Heart of Fury mode was in it.
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Hmm. Being able to set your Deity in NWN is quite fun. I just made a character named 'Obligation Shifter' that worships 'AAAAA Electrical & Plumbing Corporation'.

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Apparently still annoying.
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Interplay dying also means that they had to transfer companies in order to make Descent 3.

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