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Just to share. I found this webpage a while back. Note the ad and the context. :)


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One has to wonder why you're looking at articles on the self-esteem of people wearing glasses... :D

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That probably isn't a coincidence. These days, advertisements are targeted based on the content of the webpage they're placed on.

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Okay, that's just cruel...

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yes but they are full of greed and lust for power so why would they care about being cruel?

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That isn't ironic. It's just an unusual juxtaposition of elements. There's nothing in particular about Lasik which would make anyone reading the article any less likely to use it, or anything about the Oregonian which makes it less likely to advertise Lasik. The Lasik ad isn't even in small font.
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Wonder how much that ad cost.

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The irony is the article on the self-esteem of those with glasses juxtaposed with an advertisement for getting rid of glasses. It might be funnier if we had the article.

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