Movie Trivia Challenge: ROUND IV

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AuthorTopic: Movie Trivia Challenge: ROUND IV
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The game is played as follows: two actors are given and must be connected through appearances in television shows or movies. The object is to connect the two actors with the fewest connections possible. Please READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING, KEY RULES AND CHANGES HAVE BEEN PUT IN BOLD!


Sir Roger Moore to Sir Ian McKellen

Set point value = 6

Some rules:

1) You may only post a connection of an actor to a movie/TV show already established in the list. For instance, you may say "Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump" only if either Tom Hanks or Forrest Gump have been previously mentioned.

2) Posts should be in the form of: "actor" in "movie/television show" format. Do NOT do "actor X to actor Y in movie A". This keeps the game so others can participate.

3) You may only post ONE connection every three hours. After posting your connection, you must wait for three hours unless the connection has been established.

4) Once the actors are connected, you may post a list of all the connections regardless of any previous rules. The next round will begin in ~24 hours (at the discretion of the administrator) after the original connection is established.

5) During the ~24 hour period after the original chain, a shorter connection may try to be established. Should one be established, the one who establishes it (and any others who may help) will receive full points for each link they provided. All those who participated in the original chain will receive half-points.

6) You may only use movie appearances or TV show appearances. The exception are TV shows which regularly have guest appearances as part of the show (Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno, etc.). However, a guest appearance on, say, M*A*S*H* would be acceptable.

7) You may NOT use cartoon voices, directing/production roles. The actor must have actually appeared in the movie to be valid.

8) You may NOT use IMDB or any other refererence/database to assist you. There is no way to enforce this, but let's keep the game honest.

Points are awarded for each person having a piece of the shortest connection. The number of points awarded are given in each round.

The winner and possibly runners up will be granted a custom title. Even if you do not know a lot of movies, feel free to post what you know.

For reference:

Round I
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Sir Roger Moore in The Man With The Golden Gun.
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Christopher Lee in The Man with the Golden Gun.

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Yes, this one is pretty easy...

Ian McKellen in X-Men

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Ian McKellen in The Two Towers.

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Christopher Lee in The Two Towers.

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Glad to see people are watching their Bond movies. This is indeed the shortest possible connection.

Alorael: 24
Lt. Sullust: 14
Belisarius: 6
Terrors Martyr: 6
David: 6
Drakefyre: 3
Salmon: 3
Aranea Hirsuta: 3
Error -13: 3
Kelandon: 2

The next round should be more difficult and will be posted shortly.

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