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AuthorTopic: The TaskMaker
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Did any of you guys ever play the Taskmaker or the Tomb of the Taskmaker?
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No. I've never heard of it. What kind of game is it?

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Tomb of the Taskmaster

(It's for Mac only, which rules me out).
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Topics about this game have been posted before. There are indeed a few fans of it here.

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The Taskmaker games are some of my favorite RPGs. I have been playing them for a long time, and I have beaten both of them. At one point I even started to design a large dungeon for TotT, but it was lost when my main computer switched from an iMac G3 running OS9 to an iMac G5 running OSX.

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i never heard of it.
but the only for mac thing doesn't excite that much, maybe for the fact that i have win98 SE

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