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AuthorTopic: other shareware rpg's
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beside Spiderweb's rpg's i have not found anything that great..anybody know of any good shareware ones besides spiderweb's great ones? :eek:
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You should have asked this question in the existing RPG thread. You would probably get the same amount or more responses, and starting a thread when there's an active thread about pretty much the same thing is not a good thing to do here.

On topic, here my favorite non-Spiderweb, shareware RPGs listed from most fun to least.
All of these are for mac, except Realms, which also runs on windows.

1.Taskmaker and Tomb of The Taskmaker
(Technically this is freeware, since the company went bankrupt and released the passwords for free, but it was originally shareware and I think it deserves a mention)

Although these are fun (at least to me), there are no shareware RPGs that are quite as good as Spiderweb games.

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CYTHERA!?!?!?!?! NOOOOOO!!!!!! :eek: RUN

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Continue your discussion in this topic, please. It was last posted in only a day ago, after all.

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