How did you first see or hear about spiderweb games?


AuthorTopic: How did you first see or hear about spiderweb games?
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I found Avernum 2 while searching for games to play at my old school on the really old computers there. I ran across it on some site or another, downloaded it and then proceeded to go home and register it so I could play the full at home. Since then I've registered A1 and BoA and am currently considering buying Nethergate.
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A friend recommended Avernum to me about 5 years ago. Downloaded the demo, liked it, registered.

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I found Exile II on a game CD I received when I bought my Macintosh Performa 5400HD upgraded with a G3 400MHZ proccesor. I got stuck in it really fast. A few months later when I had played through the demo I found Blades of Exile on one of the other 3 CDs I had from back then. I got stuck in that game too. I also had Dark Souls made by RW which I liked to play when my hand was getting weary. It came with the Macintosh so I did not have to search in game CDs for it.

Around a year ago I had connection to the web through a friend of mine so I took the opportunity to visit the website of Spiderweb Software in hope I may find another quality game. I was lucky, Avernum I, II and III was released and Blades of Avernum was under construction. I downloaded the bunch and got hooked up in Avernum III. Currently, I am trying to fix myself a Blades of Exile registration but have a few dilemmas to deal with first. Hopefully I had registered before school starts.

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