Elections : The Conspiracy Thread

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AuthorTopic: Elections : The Conspiracy Thread
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I hear curves,
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Fun and games aside, I will mellow out. The spam and post count is too intense, and as Alo said the content is probably not good. I hope no one was offended by the insanity.

Edit: Hey, thanks.

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**** News **** Flash **** News *****

In a recent widely read memo, Zeviz has announced that his candidacy was a FRAUD! Immediately upon receiving notice that his controller, Alec the Custer, had returned from his meditational retreat, Zeviz quickly bowed down and placed his full support in Alec's camp.

Well, this reporter now wonders how many times this will occur before this "election" is actually held. Candidates must hold their ground and fight to the bitter end. False candidates would do themselves justice by renouncing quietly, preferably by having a close friend or relative explain that "due to health reasons..."

With the hypothetical election only some unknown distance in the future, there are many hearts to be broken and votes to be won. Stay tuned to this channel for the latest news, weather, and spelling changes.

*this message funded by the overflowing campaign coffers of those who never got a vote*

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If you actually managed that, Kel, I'm in awe of your... dexterity and willpower.

—Alorael, who promises that a vote for him is a vote for nonspecific impediment to all progress future, present or past. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, although he is not running, he can retroactively undo all that has been done. And that is what conspiracies are all about.
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I don't conspire (is that the word?). I simply sneak around back alleys at night telling people that if they don't vote for me, I will kill them :P .

Kel: If you can type with your manhood, by the looks of things, you must be pretty thin down there. ;)

I'll put a Spring in your step.

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I am reputed to type with the paws of ferrets.

That's a phony half-truth. I merely employ them, at a generous wage, to do the typing for me.


"Delusion arises from anger. The mind is bewildered by delusion. Reasoning is destroyed when the mind is bewildered. One falls down when reasoning is destroyed."- The Bhagavad Gita.
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Nice work, Kel. You might even have my vote, for that.

Quite frankly, if you're trying to be elected to a position where you require common sense, by the use of blatant bribery and selling your body, much like a lonely sheep, then you're not exactly living up to the expectations of your parents. They wanted you to become a doctor or a lawyer, but noooo, you have to go and become cheesey tramps, to get a different title on a forum for 2D clicky games. Well, gosh! :P

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