Niagra Falls, HERE I COME!

AuthorTopic: Niagra Falls, HERE I COME!
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Ahhhhh, time for another self-deserved vacation. Heading up to Niagra Falls this time. I won't be here for a week, not that anyone really notices.

See y'all in a week!


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not that you r gonna see this post but, goodbye

PS in case of closing of topic posted before closing

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Okay, see ya later! Have fun! Don't forget this board (and JW, too, since you already have an account) when you come back! Don't crack your Toenail! :D


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Have fun! Bring me a souveneir.
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Smuggle me in your luggage, I'm getting really bored around here.

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Happy holidays. Did you canoe down Niagra?

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Have fun! I went there a few weeks ago, and they fireworks every...I think it was every Friday and Sunday, but I can't remember. Oh well.

EDIT: Fixed typo.

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have fun can you not?...oh wait..your probly not taking a barrel ride down ;) ..

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