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Originally written by SprungSpring:

I wonder how Stug pulled up after the other nights festivites. Hopefully his arm is ok, unlike last time.
The last time? :P There've been at least two times in between, although I have taken it relatively easy since that accident.

I did make it through the weekend all right, and thanks for your concern. I had a pretty rough hangover Saturday morning, but it faded away after a bit. My iron-clad stomach held up well as usual, and I didn't get sick, although I did have more Friday night than I believe I've ever had before. At midnight we migrated from my friend's apartment to a bar, where I received my first wristband and purchased my first drink. A very good time had.

Thanks to all of you for your congratulatory messages, and happy birthday, Kel! :)

AM- Hmm, I'll have to sample that one some time. Thanks for the recommendation!

Dolphin- I love that picture. :)

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