RP: The Empire Always Loses

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AuthorTopic: RP: The Empire Always Loses
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OOC: I thought my group might still be too big, but also thought we were still doing the whole Empire. I've scaled it back. Better? The map also helped me since I needed to see where the forests were.


IC: One after another, the procession of pale-green wood nymphs brought their findings to Lady Amethist. Many looked like mere children but all had a gleam of knowledge and understanding in their eye that belied their years of age.

Slowly and steadily the hand woven baskets laid before the lady filled up with herbs, alchemical ingredients, and fruits grown from the bringers very own boughs.

'Good, good,' she praised. 'We must prepare.' She looked about her followers and told them with conviction, 'If we are to survive we must prepare.'

The heads of green-tinted hair nodded back in agreement. They knew all too well what destruction the tides of history told them was sure to come. Forests have always given way to man. Sliths and Nephils less so but as time passed and dense forests receeded, the other sapients adapted their ways more and more like the humans.

So Nature's Amethist prepared. Today they gathered...

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Forward headquarters - 225 days after secession - Gale

Gale had fallen without a real fight. Its town guard did not relish the prospect of skirmishing with Imperial formations and surrendered readily; the citizen militia didn't much care, and after a brief massacre, had melted back into town, where they awaited either an opportunity or an amnesty.

Colonel Meriwether had made his headquarters in Gale - which he officially governed until loyal civilians could be sorted out - days after the invasion came. Days later, the giants arrived under a flag of truce; negotiations had been short and simple.

The Black Rock Clan would accept political, diplomatic, and military protection by the Legions; in exchange, the Black Rock Clan would assist the Legions in their efforts to stamp out banditry and lawlessness in Valorim. They also came to agreements on the specific division of territory within the continent itself.

The Restoration of Valorim Alliance, as the Legions have taken to calling it, has, as of 225 days after the secession of the Legions, begun amassing centuries and Giant combat groups outside Gale in preparation for a military exercise.

Colonel Meriwether, watching the proceedings and confident in his abilities to execute Shao's directives in Monoroe, penned a simple ultimatum to be sent to the north:

"The Ratbane Clan is to fully and permanently evacuate the continent of Valorim within two weeks or face immediate full-scale invasion by Shao's Legions and allied forces.

Colonel Meriwether, in the name of Generalissimo Shao of Valorim."

He dated the document, summoned an underling to send it off, and left his office to oversee drills.

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KP smiled at herself in the mirror. She wore an elegant blue, silk dress that draped itself around her curvacious body, which she complimented with enough jewelry to make one think twice about her night time occupation.

I'm rich, she thought. Filthy stinkin' rich! She sat at her mirror, absent-mindedly stroking her long golden lockes of hair, slowly letting reality come back into perspective.

A tiny imp popped it's gruesome red head through her door. "Uh, Mistress, is it alright if I intrude on you for a quick moment?"

KP turned around. "So be it." she said stiffly.

"Well Mistress, the people from Bigail would like their corprses now."

"Fools. I told them the bodies were already on the Isle!" She groaned. "Give them a body or two to carry back, so they can feel better about their god damn moronic selves. Also - "

She scribbled a quick note.

By now, you have recieved many bodies. If you desire more, please send a messenger back, along with this note.


"Hand them this. Tell them to deliver to their leader."

"Yes, Mistress." The imp withdrew his head from the door.

"Schnob, wait."

"Yes, Mistress?"

"Are the islands and the coast being fortified as I had specified?"

"Yes Mistress, the skeletons are hard workers. We now have several storage sheds and forts built along the coast of south eastern coast of Valorim and all along our islands."

"Excellent. Someone is bound to tire of us sooner or later. We need this fortification. Go meet with those morons from Bigail, Schnob."

"Thank you, Mistress." Schnob scuttled off quickly towards his visitors.

"Damn bitch." Schnob muttered under his breath.

Watch it! Schnob heard a voice say as he suddenly was suddenly doused with ice cold water.

"MOTHER F - " Schnob angrily kicked the ground, stubbing his toe. He limped on towards the visitors.

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"We swear allegiance to Ratbane clan and promise to protect it from any threats it'll ever encounter!" said Wave Black-Eyes. All of the 200 Tau-soldiers behind her swore the same oath in chorus.
"Yes" murmurred Homurr. "We accept your oath."
Wave rose and looked at her new leader. "All kinds of things we do to maintain our position", she muttered. The nephil chief infront her growled something to others nephils around him, and then turned back to Wave. "You may go now", he said and left Wave to stand in the court yard of some ruined castle.

"Really we have to do this, hmm?" asked Raven, Wave's closest friend and second-in-command.
"I think we have no choice" responded Wave. "We are mercenaries after all, and we're currently stuck in this world. And even we have to eat."
Raven chuckled and then looked around him. "It would be best to split to 4 or more smaller teams. We can help these creatures more efficiently that way.
"I think you're right", answered Wave and inspected the nephil camp behind her. "Tell Sarah, Tsunami, Bluestrike and other masters about your thoughts. And tell them to be fully equipped tomorrow morning" she then continued. "I think we have a great amount of work to do here, and it won't get done if we just sit on our tails."

OoC: As I'm feeling little lazy, I didn't take my time to write a description about Taus. Basically they're a band of 200 mercenaries led by 10 masters and one DGC (you don't need to know what this means yet). Current DGC is Bluestriker. They are, unlike many other mercenary groups, utterly loyal to the group that has hired them, and completely obedient to their rules. They're consisted of many different sentient species some not native to Ermaria. They have no flag, but can be distinquished from others by their special colourized armour. They have far superior weapons and armor compared Ratbane clan they have allied with.

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OOC: Frozen, a couple small things:
A) You should post a description when you get the chance. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just the bare facts, so others can include your faction in their posts without getting it all wrong.
B) Non-Ermarian species are risky business. If one of them turns out to be from Planet Invincible in the Badass quadrant, don't be surprised if everyone throws a hissy-fit. :P
C) 200's rather small, small enough to be wiped out in one big battle. You should consider making that bigger.

Anyway, sorry about all that. Welmcome to the RP, and glad to have you on my side. ^_^

"The Ratbane were alive in Valorim before human ever crossed the northern mountains. Our ancestral lands, including those currently occupied by humans, contain all lands north of Tevrono between the ocean and the swamps. Any who bears arms or settle in them against our will will see no mercy."

* * *

Homurr's village, deep in Ratbane lands, 230 days after Shao's secession

Meriwether's demand reached chief Ren, leader of the southernmost Ratbane settlements, three days ago. The word passed swiftly into the mountains, and two days ago Homurr's first response was spread by smoke signal:


And so they came. With the dozen or so chieftains of the Nephilim are Wake and Raven.

Homurr: "By now you have all learned the reason for my calling you here. Humans have ordered us to leave, and when we do not they will move against us in force."

Tosus, a warrior from the coast, answered: "Then the Empire has resumed its campaign against us." The nephil faces in the room were crestfallen."

Homurr: "No, I do not think this is the Empire. The garrison at Tevrono has made no move to attack or to shore up their defenses. The ultimatum was signed 'in the name of Generalissimo Shao.' This Shao, whoever he is, intends to carve out a domain of his own, and he is starting with those the Empire will not protect."

Ren: "They are still Imperials. We dare not risk open war."

Another of the chiefs answers angrily, "We have no choice!" Several others all shoout back at once, and Homurr has to calm them down.

Homurr: "Ren is correct that we have little hope in open war. Trying to offer battle in the lowlands would be folly. But we have fought Imperials before, and they have always thought us savages and fools. I have answered Meriwhether in my best diplomatic style (Homurr here repeated his reply to Shao), and if I know humans, they will take us literally.

"They will come for a battle in the flatlands. They will bring their horses, their heavy armor. They will have many wagons. Shao will give much gold to march his army north, and when he finds the woods empty, he will not go home without battle."

At this, a smile crept across Homurr's face. The others present are beginning to understand his plan.

"In our mountains, the only paths are those we made. There are no horse-roads, no flat ways for humans to cross in ranks. Many are passable only to Nephilim. Let them try us there, and then they will find us sterner than they expect!"

Homurr shouted the end of his speech, and brought his heavy fist down on a nearby table. The assembled chieftains let out purring cheers.

"There is one other matter to consider," Homurr continued. "Ren and his scouts have brought word that giants are marching north, toward Gale. Whether they come to join Shao or to make war on him, we know not. All the same, we must go to meet them, and remind them what the friendship of humans is worth. Tonight I will give thought to our defense, and at dawn I walk south to their speak to their chief."

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"Lady Amethyst!"

An incredibly nervous tree spirit approaches the enchanting-- and quite literally so-- visage of Amethyst.

"What is it, Sapphron?"
(NOTE: No euphemism in my name choice. None.)

"Trouble from Bigail. Our sisters... Their trees remain healthy for the most part, but there are... Disturbances."


"Dark clouds, a mysterious premonition."

"What of it? Those people do not log as viciously as any group of Imperials."

"Yes, but their loggers... They do not appear to be healthy. Their skins are covered in bruises and welts, and their eyes do not gaze outwards."


"Lady Amethyst?"

"The undead? On Bigail? I had not thusfar anticipated this. If they are being made and used there, that forest will become the bane of us. Either our spirits will die, or become some of theirs. ...Sapphron? What is wrong with you? Your eyes!"

The messanger, whos tree back on Bigail has already begun to corrupt physically, takes a clawed swipe at Amethyst, causing her cheek to bleed. Amethyst fires a green beam at Sapphron, instantly dispatching her.

"...how troublesome. Let us hope that they do not spread out in the future."


OOC: So far, the undead here is mostly low-key workers used to increase production. Still, since it is perhaps the most vile thing that can really be done, and since the undead are doing the logging, the proximity to the nymphs is constantly taxing them.

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The Lady glided with regal grace. Her soft features would cause a man to guess her age to be less than thirty but her piercing green eyes held the knowledge of close to a century. She was one of - if not the - eldest of the forest on Wainscotting Penninsula and the only grown of the seed of the former queen (though many here were of her own seed). Her sheer gown flowed about her on the wind as her long earthy hair did the same. She exemplified the beauty of nature at it's best. The wound from her recent attack looked awkwardly out of place on her form. Smeared with healing salve, it would mend quickly. Perhaps before the day was yet done. She bore but a single adornment; a simple golden ring set with a delicately cut stone of amethyst. A gift of her namesake from long ago, it is the only possesion she clings to. Her feet bare, they make no noise as she walks among the ranks of the 'awakened'.

Leanar walked with the Lady fussing over her much more than necessary. "I'm so sorry, my Lady! We never thought that one of our own would turn to attack you. She never would have gotten close to you had she shown any sign of hostility..."

Amethyst raised her hand to silence Leanar. She suddenly missed the olden days when the only sounds around her were the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves on the wind. Yes, she much preferred her own language to that of the human speech.

As they walked past the ranks, the Lady watched as they drew arrows, aimed, and fired at targets on the ground. Most would miss and try again, some would make their mark and smile as they choose another arrow. Every once in a while an errant arrow would strike one of the many trees and a near-by nymph would let out a startled cry. Appologies would be made as salve was applied and another arrow drawn.

Following Amethyst's gaze Leanar began to comment. "Is all this really necessary, my Lady? It is very hard to train in combat when we are all hedged in by one another. We barely have room to stretch our arms, and..." he continued becoming indignant, "... my tree has been shot with an arrow twice today, and four times yesterday! Sure it's practically less than a scratch, but it still hurts."

Amethyst shot Leanar a look that stopped his complaints short. He cleared his throat and looked away. The Lady softened after a moment. This was all fairly new to everyone, some complaints were to be expected. "Tell me Leanar, how goes the preperations?"

Distracted from his thoughts by his duties Leanar looked at the markings on a sheet of bark he held. "We currently have 200 younger nymphs gathering sticks for arrows and bows. 200 more still gather useful plants throughout the whole penninsula. The 2000 eldest of the awakened practice the arts while the rest who can fight practice hand-to-hand combat as we do here."

"And the elders?" she interrupted, "have they made any progress in remembering the ancient powers?" She unconsciously fiddled with the ring she wore as she looked anxiously to Leanar for his answer.

He hessitated. "Some, my Lady. Or so they say, but they have yet to report on anything specific."

Amethysts' countenance dropped but only for a moment. The whole cannot be gained overnight, after all. "No matter, no matter." She waved off her concern. "Now back to the matter at hand. Get word to the ranks. Those who are consistantly hitting their targets are to be promoted to trainers. And the southern awakened are to choose two scouts to get information from Bigail. I want to know what's going on down there and if there's anything we can do about it. I believe that is Lady Opal's region to rule. See if they can find her." She looked to the south longingly as if to send comfort through her spirit. What could she do?


OOC: Now, if you'd have let me have my confederacy... Opal could fight you directly while Sapphire battled Shao's troops and Ruby engaged the Death Clan, all while Emerald and Jeffery had a couple of half-breed kids... but noooo...

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OoC: Here we go. Note that I have no idea of what some of these mean, but what the heck.


System of Government: They are governed by a general, but as none are currently around, masters have taken the lead. They take most of their orders from their allies, however.

Government Legitimacy: Uncategorizable. They have their own special laws (called the Path of Dishonour).
Government Stability: High
Location: anywhere they happen to be, currently same as Ratbane.
Sphere of Greatest Influence: Their current location
Territory: None in this version of Ermaria.

Fiscal System: Same as their allies, basic trade if not allied.
Fiscal Status: Unstable
Economic Growth: Currently low
Standard of Life: High in their standard
Imports: Food
Exports: Loyalty ,training of all sorts. Their strenght is not in their numbers.

Population: Currently 200, reinforcements on their way. Their small numbers were the reason why they split up.
Recognized Species: All
Populating Species: Currently fanged ones, tengus, nephils, sliths and lesser demons. Different species will appear with the reinforcements. Use your imagination.
Army: They are an army.
Comparative Technology Level: Very high. Unlike others, their technology is in defensive period. Their special armorsuits are a great example of this.
Army Training: Extremely good. Basically everyone is trained from an infant.
Army Discipline: Extremely good.

Diplomatic Status: Allied with Ratbane. If Ratbane is destroyed and they survive, they will try to ally with the first faction they encounter.
Traditional Enemies: Guardian of the Whirlwind. Don't ask.
Major Problems: They're stuck in a foreign world, and they're short of food. They weren't very lucky to encounter Ratbane first, weren't they.

Flag Description: They have no flag. Instead they can be distinquished by their special armor; every armor is striped with two to three colors, which vary by the sex and rank of the wearer. Special-ops also have silver patterns on their helmet. Basic colors are light-blue, orange, grey, red, green, purple and black. Light-blue means the wearer is female, orange means male, grey means some other sex or the wearer doesn't want to tell.
Other colors tell the rank of the wearer. Red means a soldier, red combined with black means a squad leader, green is somewhere higher than a sergeant, green with black is captain. This combination is quite common with second-in-commands. Then there's purple, which means wearer is master. Masters are currently in charge of the Tau and supervise the training given to allies. Purple with black means a general.
So by these rules, the armor of Wave would be striped with light-blue and purple. By the way, she's a fanged one.

Currently there are only two species with the Tau that are not native to Ermaria. These are tengus and fanged ones.
Tengus are basically bird-people (actually bird demons). They are nimble and make good warriors. They also have a bad temper, so don't mess with them.
Fanged ones are a little more alien. As you propably quessed, they have fangs. They also have long muscular tails they use for swimming, and a thick, grey hide which works as natural armor. They are quite short, their average height being 160 centimeters. Although they are bad runners, they can make astonishing leaps with their strong legs. Other than this, they're quite similar to nephils. They tend to eat corpses of people they have slain, by the way.

Now that made a long post. I think I'll leave IC for some other time. And sorry for the typos. I'm sure there are some. Ciao!

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Ashen seperated from his tree and looked about him. Spotting Juniper sitting in her own, he slipped silently onto the bough next to her. Juniper's eyes were fixed on two humans not far away.

Not to alert the humans, Ashen spoke to Juniper in their own language with his tree.

"Stuck with observer duty again?"

She turned to look at him breifly. "Yea, this is a popular spot, you know. Only half a mile from Wainscotting and deep enough not to be seen from the outside. Doesn't help that the ground is covered in soft moss. One pair tells another pair... You know how it goes."

he answered back, "I've been stuck with it often enough to know." Ashen paused to watch the two humans with Juniper for a few minutes. Such curious creatures these were.

Juniper creaked her boughs again. "It seems so silly. This couple has been here at least five times already... and they've never finished a procreation attempt! Why even come all the way out here if you're not gonna finish what you start?"

Ashen gave her a crooked smile. She had voiced this perplexion before. Ashen had given it much thought and gave her what he had come up with. "Perhaps..." he started, "perhaps they find it... pleasurable. They do look like they are enjoying themselves, don't they?"

"Yes, they always do." Juniper was still perplexed. "But what possible pleasure could be found in touching one's lips together for two hours straight?!? I, for one, find it extremely boring.

"I duno..."
Ashen sat silent for a minute. Then a rustle of leaves and a creak of boughs.

Juniper turned to him, eyes wide. All other trees became eerily silent. Even the birds stopped chirping and looked curiously in their direction. Ashen looked down, cheeks much greener then usual. He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye in time to see a mischevious smirk light her face. She looked this way and that as if taking in how many others were watching and waiting.

"Sure," she whispered in human speech, "I'll try."

And so the observers stopped observing and became the observed.

Lady Amethyst perked up her ears. She didn't usually pay attention to the passing news and gossip, but this... this was highly unusual. She had expected it eventually but in her scope of time this was very soon.

"Leanar," she called.

"Yes, my Lady?" he asked as he ambled up to her.

"I have decided that Juniper and Ashen should be the scouts to Bigail. They seem to have too much time on their hands.

"Yes, my Lady." and Leanar starting heading south to deliver the news.

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"Saccio? You don't often approach me with tidings of any sort."

"Well, about that. North of us, somewhat distant but still pertinent, are some spirits malevolent to us."

"Spirits? What care we of spirits? With these undead on our sides, we are gods. We care not if the trees start moving. Our troops carry saws, that enough should subdue them."

"Lucius... Don't underest--"

"Saccio, if you can't take care of them, nobody can. I have hours of public relations to work on; these undead are draining all of my energy preventing them from being attacked. You're in charge of the monks, and by god, you're in charge of the military until I have the time to deal with this."

"I... See. Are the people reacting well with the undead overall?"

"Give and take. Love and hate. Things will settle very quickly, and nobody has gone so far as to reject our teachings. It's mostly scared townspeople who don't quite know what to make of things."

"I see."

"Well? Is that it?"

"Y-yes, sir..."

"Then with my blessings, dispatch of these frilly tree spirits! I have to keep our church running."

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234 days after Shao's secession - dusk - near Golddale

Homurr sighed loudly. "The giants are incorruptible. They have made an agreement and they seem to insist on sticking to it."

Ren stared back at him from the other side of the command table. "My bands are ready to show them their folly, then - that is, if they are present in numbers we would find palatable for an attack."

Homurr was quick to shake his head. "No. Too many of them. An open attack would be suicide, and would turn them into a permanent rather than situational enemy. But the giants are dumb, dumb creatures - they revealed conclusively what Generalissimo Shao has planned for the region."

As if on cue, cannons thundered off in the distance. Homurr looked almost insulted by the sound. "That sounds like it's them - the plan was to sack Golddale, place it under giant rule, and use it as a military suppory base - but it doesn't make sense. It's nighttime. The humans hate fighting by night. No stomach for it."

"He's got cannon," replied his second-in-command after a bit of silent thought. "No face-to-face honor in those things - you point them the direction in which you want something to die and fire. Not difficult to target; further, this terrorizes Golddale's guard and citizens. Hell, if we had cannons, I wouldn't use them by day given the choice."

Homurr shrugged. "A waste of supplies. We're fighting a rich enemy, and an arrogant one. Send for veterans - once the siege ends, we're going to get to work on curtailing both their hubris and their wealth."

Ren smiled by way of response. "And, I presume, their friendship with the big ugly ones."

Homurr nodded sharply and dismissed Ren for the night. It would be a long campaign; he relished the thought.

The Golddale campaign: day 1

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Golddale campaign, day 3. Morning.

Homurr and Wave Black-Eyes watched the ongoing siege from a hilltop. Wave had a pair of field glasses, which she would occasionally lend to Homurr. Together, they studied their enemy, and especially the cannons. Neither spoke much for over an hour.

Through the glass, Wave watched an errant shot crash through the side of a house and reduce most of a wall to rubble. A moment later, its residents came running out, terrified.

"This I do not understand," said Wave, breaking the silence. "You said that these humans came to make war on you."

"So I thought," answered Homurr, "but the more I study Meriwether's movements, the more I feel like I understand his master. Shao does not hate us, and does not care whether we live or die. He only cares about power, and will use any means to get it." He took the field glasses, and idly studied one of the humans' batteries. "He will get away with much on the excuse of defending the Empire from us, and if we are defeated his rebellion will absorb all the human lands from here to Gale."

Homurr handed the binoculars back to Wave, and the two were silent for another minute.

"All the same, this siege is going to be hard for him to explain. And so will his alliance with the giants. I think I have a job for you, Wave."

"Finally! All this waiting for Shao to advance was getting unbearable."

"Choose some humans from your band that you trust and send them west, or lead them yourself. Disguise them as refugees from Golddale. I will buy them safe passage west from the Thieves' Guild, as far as Blackcrag. From there, the road to Imperia is straight. The extent of Shao's treason must be known in every place along that road."

"And then?"

"And then they will return to us, and join the battle. With luck, they will come with Imperials at their heels."
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Golddale campaign, night of day 5

Sarah was was carefully watching the passing giants. All were wielding huge clubs, and seemingly they were very nervous.
"Is the road clear yet?" asked Bluestriker. "We have been sitting here for hours!"
"No. I think they're still searching for us."
"Curse it! If it weren't for those Giants we'd be past Softport by now!"
"I agree. I wonder why nothing has been done to them yet. There should still be some imperial patrols moving around here."
Bluestriker took binoculars from Sarah and took a peek himself.
"Maybe we should attack them" he said after watching the road ahed of them for a while.
"Are you nuts? There are twenty of them, and they're giants! We wouldn't stand a change!" Sarah whispered.
"The fact that we don't have our traditional armorsuits with us doesn't mean anything. We're still tau-warriors, and definetly skilled enough to take on some giants."
"Okay. Do what you wish" Sarah sighed. "But be carefull. We still have a mission to complete..."

In the meantime, back in the nephil encampment

Wave had arranged hundreds of candles into a perfect circle. Now she was lighting them up while nephil shamans were chanting a strange song she had taught them just while earlier.
"Could you please explain what we are doing on this hilltop. I have plans to make" snarled Homurr.
"We are waiting for reinforcements" Wave answered and stood up after lighting the last candle. "Be patient."
"Patient! PATIENT!" Homurr growled. "I have been patient for hours, waiting for you to get this ridiculous ceremony done! And where are your promised reinforcements? I haven't seen a single warrior arriving to this hilltop!"
"Just wait, good chief. We're almost ready" Wave said with a soothing calmness in her voice. "Just wait."

And Homurr waited. And waited. And just when he was about to shout at Wave again, something strange happened.
Suddenly some force unlit all the candles in the area. The light, however, didn't go anywhere. Instead, it gathered to the center of the circle, and formed a glowing sphere, which started growing faster and faster and...
It took a while from Homurr to realize that he was watching beautiful plains that were bathing in sunshine. As he sifted his gaze a little, he noticed that there hundreds of Taus standing on the plains.
Soon after, a tall, thin figure stepped out of the portal gate.
The creature's armor was striped with orange, green and black. "Hello" it said with a strange, echoing voice. "I have brought the requested reinforcements. I suppose you are Homurr, the leader of Ratbane clan."
"Yes, I am" said Homurr with a surprised tone. "I am glad to see you, um, captain."
"Thank you, sir" the creature answered.
"By the way, my name's See'ul Aiagaysh" the creature said and turned to Wave. "And I believe Wave has a mission for me..."

OoC: So the reinforcements have arrived. I'll let Turumby decide how big they are.

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The Golddale campaign - Day 11


Colonel Wade Meriwether, along with a few official subordinates and a dozen troops, made a leisurely walk through what was, in days of peace, the richest city in Valorim.

Golddale, as it now stood, was shattered. Its forces had been massacred in three open battles - on the third, the fifth, and the sixth day of the siege - and from there on out, the battle was on Meriwether's terms. The Mayor, Meriwether had been told, was dead - and with him, any real prerogative outside of the Legions to rule Monoroe Province entirely. (By law, the title of governor had defaulted to the ruler of Golddale - which was now an ignoble committee and thus ineligible.)

The city had surrendered yesterday. Meriwether refused to either negotiate terms or appoint a diplomat to do so for him.

"The city of Golddale and all its surroundings are to immediately and unconditionally surrender to the rule of law enforced by Shao's Legions and the Black Rock Clan, and shall maintain a station of permanent subservience to the both in whole and part in perpetuity, with violation of the onus being carried out with pain of death."

Those were the terms Meriwether had given to the city demanding its surrender on the first day, and repeated every time they demanded peace. Now, with the ire of its citizens - who supported anyone strong and capable of fending off the Nephilim, and who had taken the greatest abuse from the siege - and facing an invincible enemy, Golddale was ready to see the light.

On the eleventh day of the Golddale campaign, the Council surrendered, and the provincial flag of Monoroe was pulled down and replaced with Legion colors.

Meriwether's experienced eye scanned the smoldering skyline of the town, making notes for a grand campaign of conquest and subjugation to be fought aganst the entire province from this burned-out base of operations.



The Imperial capital is abuzz with military activity. The Empire, such as it is, is busily ensuring that it will not be defeated in its own backyard.

Wave and his party of 'refugees' surveyed the scene - and saw dozens of similar parties converging upon the city walls, and some brought to their fate a lot sooner living in shanty-towns outside of them. Not a good sign, the Ratbane man thought to himself.

An Imperial commander walked by with a cadre of military police, watching over the dangerous slum. "Sir! We need your help - Golddale has been sacked by Generalissimo Shao, who has betrayed the Empire in a lust for power!"

The commander's features sagged somewhat. "Shao? Gods damn it all. I will tell my superiors, but do not expect your home to be liberated any time soon. Shao was sent to put down the governor of Execa a year ago, and having reported success, has defied our every effort to remove him. Now our forces are stretched to the limit and mutinous whenever too far from Pralgad. Any men we sent to fight him would eventually find their way under his banner. He is the greatest hero the expeditionary militia have - he is sure to inspire rebellion among the general ranks if he, himself, has taken up its cause."

Wave muttered under his breath. The campaign against the Legion invaders would be all the harder.

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Golddale campaign, day 12

"So we can't expect any help from them?" Homurr asked from Wave.
"No. We teleported others here as soon as we got to know that. We are, at least now, on our own."
"Hmmmm. Well, have just have to come up with a plan B. Any suggestions?"
Wave glanced at the map infront of them, and shook her head.
"No. I'm completely out of ideas. We'll just have to hope that See'ul succeeds."
Homurr gave a confused look to Wave.
"See'ul? Oh, now I remember. You had a some kind of a mission for him. Could you tell a little more about it?"
Wave shook her head again.
"No... not yet. But if he succeeds, it'll be a great help for us."
Homurr examined Wave carefully. Unfortunately, her armor hid her face, and her voice was completely neutral, so he got no idea of what the tau was thinking.
"Very well then, I suppose this meeting has served it's purpose. You are dismissed."
"Thank you, sir" Wave said, and walked to the exit of their tent. Then she suddenly stopped and turned back to Homurr.
"There is something I forgot to mention: Raven will come to see you later this day. He has some information of our enemy you will propably find very usefull."
Then she walked out of the tent, and left Homurr ponder his future strategies.

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Ashen was excited. Juniper was unnerved. "We should not be here," she cautioned in a harsh whisper. "We will be caught!"

"Well, we will if you keep on talking," he whispered back. He put his finger to his lips as he turned his gaze back to the city. Never before had Ashen felt such exhilleration, never before had he been on such an adventure. He barely noticed his own weakness from the distince, but he had noticed Juniper's.

Crouched with only a few trees between herself and vast ammounts of unknown enemies, Juniper could not contain her fear. She was exhausted from the journey and very faint. They had found Lady Opal and she had reported such a horror story to them that Juniper knew she had lost something she'd never be able to regain. The dead were being raised for labor by the humans of this city. They harvested lumber at their masters' direction which would have been bad enough but something Juniper had never known possible was happening. The magics used to raise the dead resonated within their corpses. It seeped out of them. It polluted the water. It poisoned the soil. It wilted the leaves and twisted the branches. It changed the spirits to viscious, mindless zombies. The awakened ran about attacking anything in sight and those at rest were unpredictable. Juniper had no desire what-so-ever to come in contact with some vile undead creature that was able to make her lose her mind. She looked suspiciously at the trees they stood by quaking. "Please, Ashen! Let us leave this place! We have our information, now let us go before we cannot return and fail in our purpose."

Ashen turned back to Juniper. He could not ignore her pale countenance, her shaking form, her terrified eyes. She would never make it on the mission he had in mind. "You go," he said firmly. Juniper started to protest but he quieted her with a kiss. Holding her head in his hands he reassured her. "You go back and report what we have learned. I will follow soon. I want to try and see what kind of magics they are using. If we are to battle these undead at all we must know what we are dealing with."

Juniper stared at his eyes, gripping his hands. "No! It's too dangerous Ashen, no!"

"I'll be fine," he whispered. "I won't leave till I try."

"OK." she finally resigned. She knew there was no changing his mind. "Please, be careful." A last embrace and she was off. She gained a second wind in the knowledge that she was leaving this awful place behind her. Eyes alert, she silently ran towards the northern shore where she would call the sea creatures to aid her in crossing. Her tears began to flow as she ran. She had the undeniable feeling that Ashen would soon be in grave danger.

OOC: Something for you write in your spare time (hopefully to post immediately upon your return). Give me a glimpse at the inner workings of Biggail. I dare not presume to know the least of your mind. Ashen's life is in your hands. Do with it as you please.

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