Super Smash Brothers Characters

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AuthorTopic: Super Smash Brothers Characters
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Originally written by The Almighty Doer of Stuff:

I thought they also revealed it when you die, and the armor falls off. Maybe I'm thinking of a different game in the series or a different game entirely, but I don't think so.
You thought correctly. Personally I like the ending version better, 'cause she's, you know, alive.

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No one else likes Luigi the most in N64 Smash? He does have one of the most dominant moves in the game, after all.


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My opinion on Luigi...

Up and B- Luigi's biggest asset. Unfortunately, good players are WAY too smart to fall for it. However, they rarely see Mario's coming, because it's weaker. That fact makes Mario's almost as good as Luigi's.

Down and B- tornadoes have one big difference- Mario's can combo. No contest there. They also can both use it as an extra jump if they pound on the B button during it- but try it more than once and you just go down.

B- fireball- bouncing fireball of death or slow, weak, green thing that well... is the second worst projectile in the game (if you include the stars Yoshi kicks up during the stomp)

Running attack- Mario's sliding 12% or pathetic fists of fury, which do on average 4% damage. Guess my preference.

Jumping- Luigi jumps a tiny bit higher than mario- but not significantly higher.

Colors- I have to admit, Luigi's classic wardrobe is better than Mario's (I like green)

Height- Luigi's taller. Things that would go over mario's head can hit Luigi

Run- it may not be really significant, but the fact that Luigi slides forwards when you stop running with him just annoys the heck out of me.

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