Spring Break

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AuthorTopic: Spring Break
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So what'd you do over spring break or are still *doing*.

I had to do this. this place is getting real dull.

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So far I've tried to convince myself about some stuff. Other than that, I've played video games and played with our new kittens. They are so kyoot!

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Originally written by -:

So what'd you do over spring break or are still *doing*.

I had to do this. this place is getting real dull.

I'm out of school, in the "real world," so I don't get spring break.

I object to your remark about it being dull - there've been a number of interesting and relatively impassioned dialogues about all kinds of issues. General has been hopping!
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Spring break was rather relaxing and uneventful this year. I watched voluminous amounts of college basketball, rested quite a bit, read "Dubliners" and in so doing caught up on a few weeks of reading, hung out several times, got trashed twice, and brought my "nautical" hat back with me to school. Not a bad break at all.


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I'll spend the whole time couped up in front of my computer.

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See above, except replace "will spend" with "spent".

Also learned some PHP, wrote some fiction, played some roleplays. The end of it was overshadowed by an immense toothache that nearly cost me my sanity before I finally saw a dentist about it.

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i will probably go to florida. my break isnt untill the week after, my school is messed up, we got our break during the states math competition. sucks cuz i am on the A team

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With my punching bag broken and my brother stuck to the couch, engrossed in video games, I had nothing to do but join him. With the occasional guitar breaks, I just sat around bored. Basketball just isn't a one man sport...

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Our spring break lasted from noon on Thursday to Tuesday. I justs play computer, write [spam] posts on these boards, read, and try to enjoy myself. Though is was rainy and muddy outside most of the time. :(


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Mine was okay. I spent some time with friends, and other than that I tried figuring out how to work making plugins for morrowind. It's still confusing, but I'm getting easy parts. :D

Btw, anyone have morrowind?

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