What about a spidweb chatroom?

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AuthorTopic: What about a spidweb chatroom?
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(I'm too lazy to see if there is one already, but I doubt there is.)

I was thinking that, for a more community-type feeling, Spidweb should get a chatroom.

Pros to this:

*More interactivity. People will be able to suggest things more clearly, and information will travel faster.

*More people will be around for longer periods of time.

*Easy to manage the unruly ones. With IP's being shown as well, for IP bans.


*Too many people could be on, and the chatroom could be a storm of messages.

*Finding a server/room/bot/ops. Which won't be too hard.

Note, if there already is one, I'd like to go there. If not, it's an excellent idea for more interactivity.
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It's called an instant messenger.

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I prefer the boards to a chat room. This way when I am away for the day I can read what was said earlier. That and this way there is no excuse for poor spelling and grammar :P

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There was an IRC #exilechat channel once upon a time. It died from disuse.

The problem with a chatroom is that it requires everyone to be there at the same time. The Australians would have trouble talking to the Americans, and the Europeans would be in a different timezone of their own. Information might travel faster, but it would travel to a select group. I'm not sure how it would help with keeping people around longer.

IPs are already shown to moderators, and IP bans are applied when necessary.

There really aren't any cons to a chatroom (besides the aforementioned disuse). It's just that these boards generally have a better signal to noise ratio than any chatroom I've ever seen and allow everyone time to reflect and post meaningfully.

—Alorael, who agrees with WM. If you must chat, find an instant messenger service. Many Spidwebbers have AIM, and there was once a great tradition of AIM chatrooms, such as the infamous Room 3.
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Boards are better. Chatrooms generally lead to one word answers and ill thought out exchanges. The boards offer a sense of lesieur.

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For the novelty of an instant response to what I say, anyone who's bored can try to IM me at Apocalyptic Alex on AIM or look me up by explodingbob@hotmail.com on MSN Messenger.

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The Lyceum has a chatroom.

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