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AuthorTopic: Who can help me?
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[Hello, administer & everyone, I want to recur to your forum do some thing, I hope know can I public my website in here? if can't, I will find some friends in there and though email to help me.]

I have build a website, but I don't know whether the other country's friends can see it. Because I used with a virtual host, although I can visit my website in my home, but in yours, maybe can not find it.

NOTE: I don't put AD in there, this is not a AD post, I really want some firends from the whole world can help me to looking it.

So, if you can help me, can email to maxview@263.net, I will tell you my website's address and wait for your result.

By the way, I want to find some friends can help me, tell me my website's bug, question and one's idea, and help me to improve my English :) it's very useful for me, I think if you read my post, you must be understanding my mean, my english not very good, can you help me?

Excuse for my poor English.
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Why don't you just post the link on the forums?

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In most forum, admin can not let me post my shareware's website, they think I'm posting AD, so will delete my post.

but I really not post AD.
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Well, just give the link and then we'll see. Should it not be alright, people will tell you and maybe suggest an alternative. Folks are usually helpful around here.

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There's also a fairly strong policy around here of never deleting posts unless they contain very offensive material. Sometimes a topic that seems like an obvious advertisement will be locked so nobody can reply, but it depends on the type of site. Since you're a shareware developer, there's likely to be plenty of interest in your products on these forums, which works in your favour.

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First, I am very glad to meet you, you are very kind and friendly.

My website is http://www.bepet.com

I'm a shop manager in China, in my shop, I selling students' things and toys.

My computer and english is poor, but I'm writting program in Visual C++ by myself. So I put my own program in http://www.bepet.com

If you have time, please visit it and tell me your idea. Thanks. Thanks!!
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It looked good to me and worked fine.

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I can see the website (in Germany), it looks fine to me. When I downloaded the demo, I got error messages. I'll try again. You'll need some help with your english, though better not from me, I'm not a native english speaker.

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Thanks very much.

That shareware cannot work well, it's only a demo verison. I will improve it later.
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What do you mean when you say: it MUST BE copy to "D:\"? "D:\" is usually either a partition or the CD-Rom drive. Where do you want the DIR to go?

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Because it's only a demo version.

I will fix this bug in the next version.

and I build my own forum in a few minutes ago,

ef, welcome to my forum.


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You programmed that forum, or did you borrow it from someone else?


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The forum is others. It's YaBB, very popular.

My program is MSA, not forum.
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Hey, not meaning to be rude, but I'm sure if you asked everyone here would be glad to help you learn more english ^.^

Also check out www.dictionary.com
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He's Chinese. Learning a second language isn't that easy, especially one as stupid as English.

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I assume that you speak Mandarin or Cantonese. English must be extremely annoying for you because of all the tenses and such, but it will improve with use. Your product seems useful, but I am having difficulties trying to install it.

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I am exciting that there are a lot of friends talking with me.

Garrison, please don't install it, it's not very good. That's only a demo version.

In these time, I only build the web-site for MSA, and MSA's release version have not update. I will release it one or two months later.

Please wait for the release version if you want to use it.

NOTE: I have installed a forum in my own site, if you have question about MSA, please visit it. Http://www.bepet.com/cgi-bin/yabb.pl
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