Learning To Play Bass

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AuthorTopic: Learning To Play Bass
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I've decided to take up playing bass, but I don't have the time or money to take lessons. Can anyone recommend a good book or tutorial for absolute beginners?

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Just get a book and cd method to get the right and left hand basis. All the books are kind of the same.

Download "Guitar Pro 4", who's a nice little program, with a lot of...tabs ? (songs who are written with the number of the fret to play, not with the habitual A-B-C-D-E-F-G stuff). You can download a lot of exercises with Guitar Pro...

And play a lot with friends, it's of course the best way to make progress !

Have you already buy your bass ?
The site:

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Playing bass is not that hard. Playing bass well, however, is. The first thing you need to know is your arpeggios. All bass playing is either arpeggios, or a select riff from the song played over and over. Doing a google search on "minor arpeggios" or "diminished arpeggios" whatever, could help you out. But if you want to learn most of the stuff online, then you need to learn tab. Which is not hard. You can find tab teaching lessons online, but if you need help, I can aid you. If you want.

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I realize you've stated that lessons are going to be possible... but if you can help it at all: get lessons. You might not believe it now, but having a professional teach you things like music theory is really the best way to learn anything about music.

I just started taking lessons about 6 months ago. I've been a musician my whole life and I've never been better than I am now.

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