Spiderweb Software games... On handhelds?

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AuthorTopic: Spiderweb Software games... On handhelds?
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Also, why did Alorael delete his and my posts from the other thread?

EDIT: Actually, he posted the same computer in both threads. I think this counts as advertising spam, doesn't it?

EDIT 2: Hey, his email address is "tom_magic_account@yahoo.com". Doesn't that sound a bit suspicious?

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Most likely what is going on here is qonmp has come here from the emuboards, which is the forum for a Zodiac website, by following a link in a topic about the possibility of getting spiderweb games on the Zodiac. He must have decided to advertise the Zodiac here to see if that might make someone decide to port Spiderweb games to the Zodiac.

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