Favorite Fantasy Artist

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AuthorTopic: Favorite Fantasy Artist
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I happen to like fantasy and science fiction artists. My favorite, if not one of the best illustrators that ever lived is Arthur Rackham. I have also picked a few that I am especially fond of.

Arthur Rackham

Arthur Rackham- Das Rheingold

Edmund Dulac

Edmund Dulac

Virgil Finlay

Virgil Finlay

Donato Giancola

Donato Art

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*waits for Drakey to post the picture he's going to post*

Barcoorah: I even did it to a big dorset ram.

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That will be all.

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Rafal Hrynkiewicz ("Faugar")

Holger Goebber ("Koldar Mondrakken")

Perkan ("Isilhir")

Wonderful, every single one of them. But there are more behind the Santharia link in my sig. :P

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if NaCN were here, we'd see mass Elmore in no time.

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What a coincidence that I should just happen to drop by! Larry Elmore is indeed my favorite fantasy artist.
Now where has that “OMG NO PANTS!” picture gotten to? Oh well, this will have to do:

And then there was that pervert guy on Elfwood.. can't rememeber his name, though.

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Originally written by Seilike:

*waits for Drakey to post the picture he's going to post*
I seem to have lost that link. And it's only my favorite because I loathe most other 'fantasy art'.

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John Howe (some of his best are missing even from his own site.)
John Jude Palencar (there is no online archive to give full credit to this artist.)

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