Vanhanati? (Spelling may be wrong)

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AuthorTopic: Vanhanati? (Spelling may be wrong)
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Hey... Is there an actual translation for the vahnati language?
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a. It's Vahnatai

b. Yup, there's a dictionary. You can search the list of words on Drakefyre's site - Drakefyre's Demesne - Novah Lexicon. You can also access the crappy attempt at a Javascript version of the dictionary I made here.

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I created an English to Vahnatai list that Drakey said he would add to his site, but never did. If you want it just post your e-mail. Or I can post it here if you want.

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Yeah, if it's not too long, that would be nice. I'd like to see it too.

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Um Sure!

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