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AuthorTopic: Poetry
Shock Trooper
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Once more,
You wish,
This gave me an idea.

You wish to live
You can not breath
You wish to reach
You can not touch
You wish to give
You can not relieve
You wish to teach
You can not clutch

Actually Its alright,

The one you posted is really good. I'd like to see some of your writings also if you don't mind.

With his last breath he took in more power then any Guardian could hold, then with a scream of pain and furry he unleashed it all to form a barrier betwen the Mantia and the Darkness.
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Originally written by I love you for your inner beauty:

Cav: There's a poem on your site which I saved on my computer, I liked it so much.

The one beginning "Humankind has built a dam..."

That one.

Ah, that would be "Delusions For the Common Good." I'm glad you liked it. It won me a small prize once. :)

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Hey all, i'm only 15 and I consider myself a poet by trade, I plan to publish a book soon... But it will be tough needless to say, lol. I have to try though! Here's one of my personal favorites...


Justin Lee Heil (me)

Perpetual tradewinds whistle a tuneless lilt,
Raiding river valleys low, braving mountain peaks.

Sailing round the world footloose from tip to hilt,
Marauding desert badlands and stony castle keeps.

Across a cragged Earth in howling zephyrs it blows,
Through grassy knolls it dances giving static motion.

Magistrate for all nations, to every land it goes,
From every coastline it departs, splashing in the ocean.

Ride the wind you're on Cloud Nine

Well, it's not my best, but it's one of my favs, I hope you enjoyed, I have many many more, and if any would like, I'd love to post more...
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(Loooong period of inactivity)


Was it THAT bad!? :eek:
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No. If it was, you might have received a negative review.

I finished another poem for my class two nights ago. I suppose I'll post it now that the topic has been revived.

"Hope: The Great Disappearing Act"

Flat-footed, I clomp along
a gravel path. There is direction
but no purpose in this dogged tread
On a walk that serves no function.

Above my bowed head sits a box
once filled with something gelatinous,
raw and alive, but long since frozen
into crystal, numb and yet beauteous.

Only blind particles of information
can survive there, and with two
I confer- one tells me that you were here
The other paints an image of you.

A velvet top hat rests easily on a head
festooned with bounteous flaxen curls
Clad in silky garments of lime green
A wide smiling mouth of milky pearls.

Watching you, every last forgotten ache
comes to me in a rush, compelling me to rest
my tired limbs, while my lips seek out
a familiar, gentle glassy caress.

It is in this attitude that I am encountered
most often, by passerby that unkindly remark
that I lost you in a forty-ounce bottle
and left you drowning in the dark.

But you were lost to me long before first
I felt this blissfulness overwhelm my eyes
And indulging it, brought forth the fog from which
I fashioned for my Hopelessness a hazy disguise.


"Delusion arises from anger. The mind is bewildered by delusion. Reasoning is destroyed when the mind is bewildered. One falls down when reasoning is destroyed."- The Bhagavad Gita.
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"Blue Winter"

Justin Lee Heil

These scars won't fade,
Refuse to heal,
But I came back to you.

Though you've no shade,
That's all too real,
Just tell me when you're through.

Because this shaking
Just reminds me,
That I'm afraid to break.

Still this aching
Traps and blinds me,
Though I've yet to let it take.

So have your gin, but please make haste,
Before I start to fret.

Lest' I grow thin, and start to waste,
Cause' baby I'm all set.
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